100 Rogues

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Developer: Fusion Reactions
Size: 64MB
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Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Role Playing


Rank 1000
Pro (44%)
Great fun
„It's all here”
Don't usually like rouge likes...
„I don't usually enjoy rogue-likes but I am having a lot of fun with this one. I like the classes and abilities, the equipment, and how you can throw any item. All this leads to lots of variety on my many dungeon runs.”
Good job
„I still love the game guys good job”
Great turn-based roguelike
„Get it! Got it? Good.”
Fun game but bugs
„I really enjoy playing it because it has complexity but at the same time it's really accessible and portable play friendly. My issue is though that I bought one of the games classes, the dinoman bruiser, a while ago and now on my new phone I can't play him. There's a restore button and when I press it it says restoration complete but he's still not available for play.”
„good enough!”
Fun rogue like game
„This is a great rouge like game. The UI is a bit cluttered.”
Kind of annoying.
„The game play itself is pretty solid for a rogue like, but I really dislike the character selection. You have something like 12 options, but can actually only play 4 of them from your initial purchase. It sort of makes the game feel a little bit incomplete for the 3 dollar (or whatever sale price you get it at) purchase. I generally avoid games with IAPs for this exact reason. Like I said, the gameplay is pretty good, but I probably would've ignored the game if I looked into it a bit more.”
Cannot continue game
„The game is fun and I recommend if you are a fan of rogues. Though this game does have a lot of problems: 1. Cannot continue game. After pressing continue I see the loading screen and then it crashes. 2. You have to spend $10 to get the full game on top of the $1-3 you spent just to play it (the price changes a lot) 3.Cannot customize controls. Swipe to move would be nice. I experienced these problems after 10-20 minutes of playing. I have an iPad mini with IOS 7.1.2”
My first roguelike game
„Really cool, very addictive. Is it worth $2? mmmmmmaybe? I got to the last boss really quickly, if there were about 8 more levels I'd give another star.. There are only 2 playable heroes, and neither one is a rogue, which is kinda wack for a game I paid for. You gotta at least include a 3rd playable character for another star.”
Contra (56%)
Wasted Money
„Game is great, been playing for a long time... Finally caved and bought dinoman, guess what, CANT USE HIM. Loading screen just bugs out.”
Waste of Money
„It seems like this game would have been a good one. I was looking forward to playing as the Dinoman, but it seems like Dinoman is glitched up. I can't select him, because it keeps telling me to buy him again. So I've burnt up a dollar for no reason, it seems. It is clear that this game is not going to be fixed, so it is not worth my time or money.”
fun, but buggy
„Dont get me wrong, i like this game. even so, the amount of IAPs is RIDICULOUS. i got bored so i bought the dinosaur guy, except hes buged so it wont let me select him to play! it just keeps having the buy screen showing up! if you are going to update the game devs, make at least SOME of it free! hell even the two new gamemodes are IAP.”
Not my cup of tea
„The game is VERY limited and EXTREMELY slow. The controls are very clunky and get in the way of gameplay, there is very little variation. It left me disappointed after seeing these reviews. I was bored and just tried to play it because I had just spent 3 dollars on it and I really wish I didn't spend that. I would suggest that this game undergoes an extreme overhaul for it to even be playable”
Fun but crashes
„Nice tongue in cheek game, but keeps crashing in hell 3. Maybe not iOS 8 ready? Have downgraded the review. Bought Dinoman, but every time I select him I have to restore purchase, but it won't let me select him. Just an endless loop of restore, nothing happens, back to exit, restore, buy,over and over. Went to forum. It's been a known issue since 2013, with no response by creators. A pity...”
„It's not worth it. All of the characters cost money. The game just feels like one giant rip off.”
A while ago I gave them five stars
„Had this game rated five stars, it was great! Now that the devs have completely abandoned their game so will I, I've deleted the aborted dumpster baby and moved on hopefully this gets taken off the App Store.”
Not well done
„Poor UI - very non-intuitive Lacks swipe to move - on an iPad this means touching the far edges to move that direction. Two levels in and my arm is getting tired. Can't use any skills - I can spend points on skills but I have no way to equip or use those skills! What's the point of having spells if I can't use them. There's an Attack button and a Wait button. The Wait button makes sense and is useful. But why the Attack button? I just touch the enemy I want to attack, and the attack occurs. Otherwise you have to press the attack button then press the enemy you want to attack. It's an extra button press for no reason. I'd love it though if this button allowed me to use my spells! No instructions! - None! Who makes a game and doesn't include any instructions or a tutorial? The game seems to be lacking so many basics! But really, they could be there and I just don't know about it since there aren't any instructions. Seriously, how do you use spells? Frustrating and disappointing.”
WAS one my favorites
„This game has gotten a lot of updates through the years but could use some more optimization. I wish there were more options for controls (slide finger for moving?). Also the text isn't centered and is off of the 5s.”
Needs work...
„After killing all the main monsters on a floor only boring plain monsters appear. The game crashed the same time I killed satan and now that file crashes when I try to use it so all that time wasted!!! Also crashes when an item is on a chest and you try to open it.”
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100 Rogues is being featured by Apple as a "Great Role-Playing Game" and is first on the list of GamePro's "36 Best iPhone Games". Need we say more? Start playing today and battle over 60 villains!

... About 100 Rogues ...
100 Rogues is a dungeon crawling adventure for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

... Reviews ...
• "One of the most captivating, refined & rewarding games on the App Store" - Touch Arcade
• "100 Rogues blends arcade thrills with engrossing dungeon crawling. It's the very best of both worlds" - Mobot
• "100 Rogues will take its place as one of the best role-playing games" - Pocket Gamer
• "This might be the best RPG on the iPhone to date." - Final Level
• "In presentation, gameplay, & charm, 100 Rogues excels" - GameZebo
• "100 Rogues has taken me by the heartstrings and drives me by them as if they were reigns" - NoDPad
• "Those of you looking for strategic challenge with RPG elements now have the perfect game" - Appolicious Advisor
• "Dungeon crawling with a strategic twist" - TouchGen
• "Retro music & distinctive monster designs smother 100 Rogues with sweet, sweet eye & ear candy" - App Safari

... Features ...
• A mix of handcrafted and randomly generating maps.
• Three unique player classes - with completely different skill trees and abilities. Plus, a monster class of characters with wildly different abilities and strategy requirements.
• Discover swords, axes, daggers, throwing knives, rocks, food, potions, scrolls, armor and gold as well as many rare items.
• Over 60 fun, challenging monsters – including Skybabies, Robots, Ghosts, Candy Clowns and Gummy Rats, each with unique tactics and weaknesses.
• Original artwork & arcade-style music – An original score & vivid pixel art make 100 Rogues a visual and aural pleasure.
• More – Future additions of a fourth playable class, challenges, another environment, and more!

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