30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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Pro (63%)
A must for smoothie lovers!
„This is a great app for smoothie lovers and those willing to try them! I love the "search" feature to easily look up ingredients I have on hand. The variety of recipes is also great and the app is generally well organized. My favorite is the healthy Orange Julius smoothie !! Highly recommend this app!”
Great app!
„Haven't made any smoothies yet, but this is a great resource!”
In love!
„Ok so I know it's my day one of this app, but I already love it! I've been needing to eat healthier and try new fruits and veggies! This app has been a great gateway! I've bought foods I never thought I would, like Bok Choy, and have actually eaten them! Well drank them anyway! I have ulcers and high stress! I'm hoping maybe the diet change can help with both of these! I will keep everyone updated!”
Easy easy easy!
„Makes a healthy reboot exceptionally easy. I find using a kitchen scale more useful than trying to measure a cup of fresh spinach, for example. Lots of substitutions are also included. Try it!”
They're AMAZING!
„I've found myself very excited everyday to have a smoothie. Just wanted to say that I didn't change my diet AT ALL. Had to smoothies and in 6 weeks I still ended up losing 14lbs. Can you imagine if I ate better?”
Great but...
„This is a great app with great info and recipes; I just wish the nutritional info was included with the smoothie recipes.”
Great for leaky gut!
„This app is awesome! I've needed something like this for a while now. I'm glad I found it. I love that you can make a shopping list and there are so many choices that it would take me a whole lifetime to try them all!!!! The pics make these recipes look delicious. I'm very excited to try the recipes out. I haven't got to yet because I just bought the app yesterday and can't go grocery shopping for the ingredients because I'm stuck in a snowstorm. :(”
„Yes I love this app, to me is not a waste of money, but the juice is very healthy and good, use to suffer with back pain and asthma and blood pressure. But now I am doing fine, visit the Doctor come to find out my health conditions is getting better, so I decided to keep using this app.”
Keeps me on track
„Recipes are diverse, shopping lists are very helpful, supplemental info is great, and all beautifully presented. I've been at it for 32 days (just reset my app to start me up again) and feel really good. A truly super app.”
Very useful
„I don't usually buy apps or review them but this is worth it! A great value especially with the shopping list organizer! Love how you can search by ingredients.”
Contra (37%)
Great app, terrible smoothies!
„Theses are some of the worst smoothies I've ever had. Healthy or not, I gave up on this app after trying 5 Different recipes and experiencing terrible combinations and a lingering after taste.”
Search options
„Good recipes but no way to search by ingredients, description, etc. Be nice to have better descriptions.”
Gained weight...
„Beware people: recipes have a high amount of fruits. All that sugar contributed to unneeded weight gain . Disappointed. Pretty photography though”

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Number 1 Food and Drink App in 52 countries including US, Canada (May, 2014)

Get all the vitamins, minerals and fibres your body needs to give you more energy, better health and glowing skin. You'll feel the difference with the Young and Raw 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge.

How does it work?

It's simple. One smoothie per day, for 30 days. It can be used as a compliment to your ordinary diet.

Each day, you can set a reminder that will share with you your daily recipe. Our 5-day shopping lists, along with checklist style shopping cart, make buying the ingredients you'll need easy.

As part of the challenge, we also invite you to join our private Facebook group where we encourage everyone to share pictures of their smoothies and stories of how they're getting along with the challenge.

1000s of people have taken our 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge and we've had some incredible feedback since we started running them.

The smoothies will help boost your immune system, energise you and even help shed excess weight. Each one has a detailed description of the health benefits of the different ingredients. We also have a section covering additional superfoods you can add to your smoothies.

In total, inside the app you'll find 120 smoothie recipes. When you complete the challenge, you can either re-start it, or dream up your own adventure, by browsing through the smoothie menu we have.

Here is a selection of the 120 smoothie recipes you’ll have access to:
+ Skin Booster Smoothie
+ Super Inflammation Buster
+ Clean Green Energy Smoothie
+ Peach Perfect Ginger Delight
+ Antiviral Orange Booster
+ Spiced Iron Rich Smoothie
+ Vitamin K Booster

To prepare the smoothies you'll need a blender. We've rounded up our top selections inside the app.

Who are Young and Raw?

Young and Raw is a place for people to learn about the healing and cleansing benefits of raw and whole foods. Our team of nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists and other qualified individuals assist in the creation of our programs.

"Our mission is to inspire millions around the world to join the Real Food Movement!"
-Sheleana & Caleb, Co-Founders of YoungandRaw.com

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30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge