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Developer: A.C. Moore Inc.
Size: 48MB
Last update: 13.10.2016

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Shopping, Lifestyle


Pro (20%)
Great! (By 123girl)
„This app gives you coupons and tells you what's for sale! Who couldn't love this. Buying things for a lower price Awsome 😘😘😘😘😘😘”
Crashing since January 31 update
„Cannot access since update. Crashes every time. Would normally give 5 stars. Hope to again when problem is fixed.”
Like the app, but...
„I have been using the app for quite some time. Have saved and spent a bunch of money with it. Also it came in handy over the holidays for sure, however my biggest complaint and your store associates will tell you this as well, there are far too many steps required to redeem coupons. First, you see it (weather via notification or upon opening), then it's in your inbox, then you have to save it, next you have to go to saved coupons, access it then redeem it all while using your cells data plan. And if you don't have the greatest of service (raises hand) it's a real PITA. If there are no plans to simplify that aspect of the app, then maybe offer free wifi in your stores? Even if I cue up the coupon while I am in line, the app will decide to close out and/or crash then I have stand there, like a tool, reopening the app and going through the process. But by that time the associate has already scanned the coupon. It's faster to go to your webpage and use the coupon from there (with the exception of the mobile only offers). Talk to your associates. They will tell you!”
Sign up worked for me...mostly
„I already have a rewards card so that was the type of sign up I did. The only glitch I had was that the barcode scanner didn't seem to work. When I manually typed in the code, every thing worked smoothly. I will still need to fiddle with the app to see if it has any use beyond getting the 55% off coupon reward for downloading the app.”
Thanks for Listening!
„Thanks for listening to us and fixing the sign up issues so quickly! This app is great!”
Love It
„Love this app. As an avid crafter, it has everything I need - coupons, projects, social, etc. It's easy to use, and I now have everything in one place!”
„I don't know why but I cannot link my rewards card with the account. I have the card. I tried typing in the number and scanning it. I also tried to put in the customer number which is printed on receipts, but I can't link it. I'd like to do this. I also hate the notifications if there's something new in the "inbox".”
Not worth downloading.
„You can see the advertisement. Bit I can find that in the web. No where is a sight to views the goods which they have in their store. Usually I do not have time to go from store to store. I research online and then make as few stops necessary. Not really god for use age of shopping wares.”
My only request...
„I've been using this app since it was first released. Everything works fine but it it is clunky...too many steps to do anything. My only request is that you permit logging into the app from more than one device at a time. I have an iPhone and an iPad. If I log in on one, it kicks me off the other. This is very frustrating. Can you add this feature?”
Terrific App!!!!
„I don't need to carry around anymore coupons! What a convenience! I'm so happy AC Moore has a mobile app now.”
Contra (80%)
Incorrect login...yeah right!!!
„I just tried accessing the app this morning and received a message that my session has expired. I tried logging in, but received another message that my login info was incorrect. I tried several times, and received the same message, so I figured I would just reset my password, for fear of getting locked out of my account. I clicked on the link to reset, but received ANOTHER error message stating that there is no email on file. WTH?! I tried resetting the password from my laptop, and sure enough, my email was on file (I already knew that, but sure I'll play the game)! I reset the password, logged in from my laptop and accessed my account info while on it, just to be sure. I went back to the app and entered the same credentials, and you'll never know what popped up..the SAME error messages as before. I clicked on everything that had asked for a login and kept receiving the same error messages. Get your act together, app developers. This app worked just fine a month ago, and whatever it was you did, screwed everything up. SMDH.”
What has happened?
„I have had this app for a year. It's been really helpful in storing my points, getting my coupons, and showing my past receipts. I love the app. But it won't let me sign back in. It keeps saying invalid password, which I know is wrong because I can use it to log onto the website. When I click forget password, it says the email is incorrect which also isn't true. But when I try to create a new account to get back in, it says there is a technical error. Fix this please!”
Doesn't work!
„Open the app and right off the bat its says the app wants to use my location even if I'm not using the app! Allow? ...Not yet! Then I can login, sign up or use it as a guest. Hmm, why did you want to use my location?! I'm not in the app yet!! Next, I'd like to use it as a guest. The app says Initiating, and eventually after 1 minute it times out and says try again later. Really? Delete the app!”
App doesn't work
„I currently have a rewards card, and when I tried to put in my phone number that is associated with my card it says it's not the right phone number. Please fix!!”
Needs work in the convenience department
„Wish the actual rewards card would work with passbook not just Roche coupons. I mean if I already have to open the app to scan my rewards card why would I then open passbook to find a coupon I had to put there. Silly.”
App Isn't Letting Me Sign Up
„I downloaded the app for the 55% off coupon. However, I tried repeatedly to sign up & it kept giving me an "error 804." What the heck is error 804? I put all my correct info. I don't have a physical loyalty card, but it does give the option to sign up without one, so what's up? This is ridiculous. Uninstalling this app. Garbage.”
Can't sign up but have to for coupons
„I don't have a membership card, don't know how to get one either. Got your flyer which said "text this number for a 55% off code, I did. I got a text link to the iPhone app instead of a coupon, I downloaded the app and tried to use the 50% coupon-not 55% as the ad says- however, you then have to sign up which I stood in the middle of the store trying to do 40 times! But it wouldn't let me. So I put my stuff on the counter and told the clerk- she said nothing I can do. So I left my stuff and went to Michaels where the coupons work without effort.”
Great store, bad app
„AC Moore, people use your app primarily for 1 thing: to save money. Don't make me set up an account to use your electronic coupons. Having to save coupons from one part of the app in another part of the app to use them is ridiculous. It's like only accepting a paper coupon if I move it from one part of my wallet into a special coupon section. Don't make me login - this isn't my bank account or email. Don't make me zoom into a photo of your circular to try to figure out what's on sale; provide a list. Michaels app is far easier to use - guess where I shop more often?”
Cannot create an account
„Tried to create an account, but it failed each time. Would not accept my current rewards number - the entry field is four digits short of what is needed. The app is a failure.”
Confusing, please fix!!!
„The sign up doesn't work, and I can't figure out how to save (or find) coupons. Please fix this, AC Moore!”

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Spark your imagination right in the palm of your hand with the A.C. Moore mobile app! This app includes the following features:

• Rewards – Log in, register or complete your in-store registration for A.C. Moore Rewards! Access your digital Rewards card, view your transaction history details and keep track of your pinwheel points to see how close you are to your next rewards certificate.

• Receipts - Never lose a receipt again. Log into your A.C. Moore Reward account from the mobile app to view stored receipts on your phone. Keep a record of all transactions right on your device for fuss-free returns and exchanges.

• Push Notifications with Inbox – Receive and view instant updates from A.C. Moore about hot deals and upcoming events.

• Offers – View coupons and offers such as: hot deals, mobile-only deals and local deals to be used in stores.

• Weekly Ad – Access the A.C. Moore Weekly Ad circular and promotions.

• Stores & Events – Easily find an A.C. Moore store near you now, or anywhere! Learn about upcoming events for all participating stores.

• Projects – Browse & save your favorite projects for inspiration. View project instructions and supply lists as well!

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