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Developer: Empire Edge, LLC
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Pro (72%)
Great must buy for any student
„This app is a must buy for anyone studying for the sats. It's executed perfectly ten dollars is a small price compared to the greatness of this fine program.”
Best SAT math prep - love the diagnostic
„Definitely check out this app. It's so helpful with sat math prep and is so easy to use. So much more fun than prep books - it's like a game! Start with the diagnostic and see where your weak spots are. I really like the lessons in the personalized study - they're so easy to understand!”
so helpful!
„bought this app when it first came out and it's better than any book i've used. the other apps on the iphone only drill or teach... this one learned my weak areas and focused on them. this app was exactly what i needed.”
the best around
„this app takes in the data from the culmination of your practice sections to learn what you need to focus on and teach it to you. it also features nearly twice as many questions as the sat college board book, all with in depth explanations of how to do the problems. by far the best sat tool around.”
KMS2010 - Great app
„Great questions and hints. Really is like having a private tutor but a lot cheaper. Notations are cool. Lessons are clear. Easy to use. App should be big help in SAT prep.”
Awesome SAT study guide
„Fantastic app. Very easy to use and covers a lot of great material. A little expensive vs other app's, but it was totally worth it since it has a TON of test questions. Much better than the other SAT study guides that I've used. The dynamic/smart testing feature really helps you cover areas where you need work so you don't spend your time on test areas that you already know. The "hint" feature is also really cool. It forces you to think about difficult problems before giving up. I highly recommend this app.”
Contra (28%)
Read this review!
„The build your own test does not work, and the diagnostics tests are exactly the same each time! How can you market an app for $5 when it's clearly defective? These reviews must have been written by the creators because there is no way that this app is accurately reflected in the reviews.”
Create your own test not working
„This app is not functional for over 2 weeks and my son did write to them but still no reply or fix. He is unable to create practice test based on particular topics. I have written to them again today. Hope they will fix it. No stars until fixed”

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Note about 2 most recent reviews:

1) Build your own test had a minor bug which was fixed in August 2011

2) Diagnostic Test, which is used as an initial diagnostic, is only meant to be used once to diagnose problem areas. Adaptive Tests are different every time.

We would greatly appreciate it if these reviewers could update their versions and remove these erroneous comments.


"[Adapster] provides a novel alternative that is far better than a review book."

-Karen Stabiner, The Huffington Post


"Unlike any other SAT study app I've seen"

Adapster is "fabulous" and "refreshing"

-Kelly Roell, TestPrep at


Adapster SAT Math – Full Version

Test your ability to master over 1000 questions for the math section of the SAT Reasoning Test, all the while flagging problematic areas for further review.

Pioneering the next generation of study-aids, Adapster tailors itself to meet the needs of each individual student. Based on YOUR performance, Adapster adapts to YOUR abilities, gets to know YOUR personal strengths and weaknesses, and prepares a comprehensive and efficient lesson plan designed JUST FOR YOU.

Choose from over 30 topics spanning the four main areas of the exam:
:: Numbers and Operations
:: Geometry
:: Algebra and Functions
:: Probability, Statistics, and Data Interpretation


-Over 1000 practice questions including “grid-in” and multiple choice
-Over 150 math lessons and strategies to help you strengthen weaker areas and learn key techniques for improving your score
-ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY targets YOUR problem areas and creates a PERSONALIZED lesson plan
-Enables you to make unlimited mixed reviews from 33 topic areas
-Adaptive Tests automatically quiz you in areas that typically give you difficulty
-Provides detailed reports, enabling you to track your progress and review your errors
-Includes unique “hints” for every question, designed to sharpen your problem-solving instincts and abilities

Note: Full version requires Wi-Fi connection only for initial download and for watching the instructional video.

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About the Author
Adapster was created by Jody Steinglass, president and founder of Empire Edge, LLC, a premier New York City based educational services company. He is a graduate of Yale University, and he completed his master’s degree in interactive education at New York University. Jody’s innovative techniques, lesson plans, and practice questions have helped students succeed on the SAT since 1994.

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SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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