Altimeter GPS PRO - with Barometer, Maps, Compass

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Developer: Andrea Piani
Size: 29MB
Last update: 13.01.2017

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Navigation, Travel
Pro (66%)
WOW - Comprehensive and Easy To Use
„I was in the car and needed the altitude; this App looked good at 99 cents but had few reviews. I'm usually a critical reviewer but I'm very happily surprised. This small App combines many useful features in a well thought-out interface and they all seem to work fine thus far. This is going on my first page with my most-used favorites.”
Altimeter Pro
„This is a great app. It gives me real time GPS and altitude while on hikes through Alaska's backcountry. It is also nice to have an accurate weather forecast at my fingertips.”
The best altimeter app
„This is one of my most valuable apps. It does almost anything. Weather, barometric pressure, weather forecast, weather warnings, GPS altitude, GPS compass, sunrise sunset, etc. etc. If your in the mountains much you will not regret getting this app. All I can say is try it you'll love it!”
Great App for the Adventurer
„I downloaded the lite version of this app for my latest cross country trip. We hiked up over 14,000ft in Colorado with no service and this app's altimeter, compass, and GPS worked perfectly! I've had a blast keeping track of our altitude from there down to below sea level in San Diego, and throughout the other 8000 miles of our trip. For .99c this upgrade is well worth it for the extras, to remove the ads, and to support the app makers for a great product! Thanks!”
Great little app
„I love it. Simple, fast, intuitive. It's great”
Contra (34%)
The description is wrong : it only works with internet connection
„The app is great once you are connected to internet. The description says ‘’no internet connection for altitude, speed and compass readings. Well I tried it outdoor for few hours. The compass was i saying I was going north when I clearly I was heading south for more than 10 minutes. The altitude was constantly at 0 meters/feet even if the GPS coordinates were correct. So this is another app that use internet in order to retrieve all the information. The description is miss leading. I am asking apple my money back.”
„Terrible accuracy. Standing on the Atlantic Ocean beach at Charleston SC and the app told me I was at 95 ft above sea level. The other features at nice but the poor accuracy makes it worthless.”
Altimeter GPS review
„Save your money! On my copy: 1) The altimeter keep swinging over a 10 meter range 2) The longitude had the last two digits missing 3) The compass was swinging wildly, and never even pointed North once 4) I tried to contact the App writer but my message was returned.”

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Outdoor barometric altimeter with four open source maps specially designed for walkers, compass with places search, weather and step counter.
Determines the altitude of your current location based on the GPS tracking, Aster or barometric ( iPhone 6 or > )


Many other altimeter for iPhone must have internet connection enabled for working ....but in mountain, desert or other places, you don't have it! This altimeter read the accurate iPhone GPS and barometer data directly with proprietary refined algorithms. Altimeter GPS never leave you alone!


• ALTIMETER and SPEEDOMETER: you can choose meters-km/h or feet-mph No internet connection required for altitude and speed readings. 

• Barometer altitude measurement (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus)
• Altimeter with GPS and ASTER measurement
• PEDOMETER / STEP COUNTER: This pedometer read directly the data from M7 co-processor of your iPhone 5s/6/6plus. No set up needed, just push a button, start walking & get healthy.
• SUNRISE/SUNSET calculator: It calculates Sunrise and Sunset with a proprietary algorithm based on your actually GPS coordinates. No internet connection needed.
• POSITION FINDER. Save your start position and calculate the shortest way for return.
• TODAY WIDGET: with current address and current altitude (iOS8)
• FLASHLIGHT : Bright. Fast. Simple. The most elegant and functional flashlight
• COMPASS : you never lost the way with current direction indicator on the main screen and the new compass with PLACE FINDER. The compass always work, also without Wi-Fi or 3G!
• CHRONOMETER. Simple and easy to use. It works also in background
• Your current ADDRESS always on main screen. You always know where you are!

Whether you are ascending Mount Everest or down in Death Valley, Altimeter GPS knows your current altitude. 

Altimeter GPS iis a great app for all enthusiasts of outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking ...

iPad & iPhone

Altimeter GPS PRO - with Barometer, Maps, Compass