Asylum Night Shift

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Developer: PHB Media Ltd
Size: 82MB
Last update: 11.05.2015

Compatible with: iOS
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Pro (70%)
It's great
„What else is there to say”
„This game is driving me insane!!!! When I got it I thought it was K.A. but then my journey ends with a big crash!! On night 2!!!! As soon as I finish night 1 it loads and then the screen goes black and bam! I'm at my home screen and it does this every time!!!”
Great game! It is a must have!
„FIRST THINGS FIRST: it plays similar to fnaf3, but if anything Scott copied off of digi. This game released before the third fnaf (try to keep up), and the other two fnaf games would have been the same if only Scott made fnaf"3" first. I was impressed when I got this game much earlier, and say it's great despite the OK graphics and faulty equipment (that can be fixed). Pick this game up, and do not say it's a spinoff because this highly relates to fnaf3, but this had a much prior release.”
Asylum fright
„Omg when I played this game late at night I freaked out the clown was so creepy and the little girl and the chainsaw guy I named him chainsaw bill but why would the doctor let him keep a chainsaw but it is like fnaf but scarier it is awesome”
Great game but one thing...
„This is one of my favorite games but it could use some work,the jump scares should come once they get to the door so it is more unexpected.”
„Guys I would recommend this game to anyone it is scary but a little to hard I can't get past night 3 but it's really fun trying to beet the night with all your freinds over”
Fun and scary - but very difficult
„This is a fun and creepy game. I like everything about it but two things. First, if you do not make it through the night and you start the game over again, you have to listen to your co-worker give you the same instructions EVERY SINGLE TIME. The instructions are too long and you cannot just skip through them. I won't play more than two or three times in a row because I get so bored listen to those repetitive instructions. Second, at night three, the game gets very difficult - almost impossible to beat. However, I can deal with the difficulty level. But to have to listen to the same instructions every single time in order to replay the same episode may put me in a mental asylum. Please create an option where you can skip through those instructions. If that was done I would rate this game five stars.”
Almost exactly like FNAF 3
„This is a lot like fnaf 3 it's like Scott Cawthon copied this game because you can bring the patients to the Cafeteria or power generater place or whatever it's called but it's just like fnaf 3, in fnaf 3 you use the audio device and in this game you use the alarms to the Cafeteria or the power thing for slender also you can close the doors all around the cameras and in fnaf 3 you can close vents so springtrap can not get you It's a really good game but it is a bit too hard that is my review”
Not as good as FNAF
„The game is good but the jumpscares are taky and just zoom in and out”
„Not a bad Fnaf fan game giggles jumps scare can be better but did startle me but still on night 1 but good job”
Contra (30%)
Fun but hard
„I made it to 4am on my first try but I got killed by The clown”
Dont get it...
„This game is ridiculously difficult for all the wrong reasons. All the tools that you are supposed to use to survive art extremely faulty and unreliable. The door has to recharge, and sense once one of the monsters gets into the inner circle that you are in most of them will be in there because you are busy blocking the one that got in. The device you use to block the monsters from getting to you glitches out preventing you from pressing any buttons which prevents you from blocking the monsters from where you are at and you can only track the monsters on that device forever if you pay the cameras do not cover the entire map and the mosses move so quick that once you get one glimpse of them you are not quick enough to close any doors to get in their waythere's an alarm to warn you of a monster gets towards your room however after one monster getting Georgie room it usually breaks and Mark and less you pay you can also pay to have the door set up so that it does not have to recharge do but don't waste your money as everything else glitches so much even after you pay that it still worthless there is no light to check for monsters the only way to check for monsters is to wait for a light to flicker making it near impossible.”
What a waste
„Needs to be a way to skip the long intro.”
„Almost impossible to win door takes an hour to recharge”
Fix the door
„This is stupid the door is always jamed this game is a wast of money”
I wish I could give 0 stars.
„Hey, creators, newsflash, Scott cawthon put a copyright on his amazing game. your game... The exact opposite.”
Don buy
„Plz do not do what I did do not download oh the crashing it's blurry copied off five nights at freddys (FNAF IS BETTER) and the dumb graphics oh the graphics freddy killzs mr.Giggles bonnie kills little Alice Chica kills buzz aw Barry and foxy kills slender what a dumb fnata wow so dumb what a waste of money”
„Worst game out there.Its a copy of five nights at Freddy's.WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!”
„It's good but night 2 never works still night 1 is fun.If they fix that problem then it would have a 5 star but for now it's a 2 star”

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Can you survive five nights at the asylum?

Welcome to your new job as nightwatchman at the Ravenhurst Mental Asylum. From your security office you must keep watch on the asylum patients throughout the night - and make sure that they don't enter your room! Can you survive five nights of terror at the asylum!

'Asylum Night Shift' brings a whole new depth of gameplay to the survival night shift game - including:

* An interactive map console where you can open and close doors around the asylum. Use the doors to prevent the patients reaching you!
* Patient tracker devices which allow you to monitor the patients movements on your map console.
* Security cameras where you can watch the patients walking around the asylum.
* A warning alarm in your office which will alert you when a patient is approaching.
* A faulty office security door... use it wisely, and only when you really need to!

Protect yourself from these four terrifying asylum patients:

Mr Giggles:
This psychotic clown was once a favourite children's party entertainer... until the kids started going missing that is!

Little Alice:
She used to a be a normal fun-loving 10 year old girl... but not anymore!

Buzzsaw Barry:
He's a regular here - and he's back to his old lunatic ways. Quite why the doctors thought it was a good idea to let him keep his chainsaw nobody knows!

Faceless Man:
The newest patient at the asylum. This guy has been frightening people for years - and he doesn't intend to stop now!


It is recommended that this game is played on a newer phone with at least 512mb of RAM. The game will crash on older devices.


iPad & iPhone

Asylum Night Shift