cPro Craigslist Mobile client

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Developer: Escargot Studios, LLC
Size: 19MB
Last update: 1.06.2016

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Catalogs, Finance


Pro (91%)
Craigslist review A+
„I love this app has many great things in farm and garden and I have bought many things. -Yeeyee”
Great App!
„5 stars easy to use great!”
Great App
„Very Helpful”
Best Craigslist app ever
„I use this app everyday and absolutely love it!! Would highly recommend this one and that's why I gave it 5 stars!!!”
Great app
„The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is because they made me repurchase after my older version was no longer supported.”
Great search tool for Craigslist
„Only used a few days but seems to work very well. Useful app!”
„I love this app!!!”
„I love it”
Great app, great company
„Love the new changes. Thank you”
Contra (9%)
What a joke
„They make it so you have to buy a new version even though I have already spent the money to get the pro.....I would recommend OFFER UP!! Same thing except they dnt rip you off!!!”
Not working most of the time
„Seems to lock up all memory and naked u restart and if u just open this it kind of works but not very well. Do not buy until they fix it”
Lame, when it works.
„It's not intuitive, it seldom works for more than a week, requiring CONSTANT updates. Just now it would NOT let me delete a posting, only when I reverted to the web version of my account page. Photos disappear constantly, if they even get uploaded with some mystery "unknown error occurred " bullkrap message. Good luck adding photos after a posting is created. So frustrating. It could be way more stable too. Sorry folks, it's not working for me. iPad air2.”
iPad users were ripped off
„I am a purchaser of CPro for iPad, an app Escargot no longer supports and which now is incompatible with Craigslist! This app is scaled for iPhone 6 users and looks like a toy on an iPad. Plus it is a "new" app so my old purchase is now worthless. Bah.”
Constantly crashing
„I regret paying for this app! It crashes every time I flip through the search results. I'm using an ipad 3 and IOS 8.1.3.”
Stopped working
„I used this app everyday. And now it does not return any results.”
Nickel and dimes you
„I paid for this app, then they switched to an in-app payment version to get the same service. I do not trust the developer to not continue changing payment models to gouge customers.”
Unsupported app
„The Microsoft of apps almost every product update will leave you out of date and unsupported without repurchasing the latest greatest.”
Crashes Frequently
„Good app overall but crashes unexpectedly and reminder, suggestions are annoying”

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Craigslist Mobile Search • Posting • Notifications • Photo Previews • Photo Wall • Map Browser • Account Management

cPro, an application for accessing Craigslist from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Apple: One of the Best Apps of the Year

cPro features an intuitive interface and essential set of features to browse and post to Craigslist. It also includes Notifiers that run your Craigslist searches in the background and notify you of new matches.

The New York Times: "iPhone users have a secret weapon in cPro, which lets you search Craigslist much more easily than the Web site, and it offers a handful of other great features."

• MULTI-CITY Craigslist searches
• search results with PHOTOS and listing previews
• all Craigslist cities, states, countries and continents
• enhanced 20+ SEARCH OPTIONS tailored to different search categories - for sale, housing, jobs, gigs, etc
• NEIGHBORHOOD support in metropolitan areas
• TIME SINCE POSTED indicators
• REFRESH results directly from the results view page
• Best of Craigslist included!

• Over 1,000,000 successfully posted Craigslist ads from the app!
• POST a Craigslist ad in under 1 minute!
• post from MULTIPLE Craigslist ACCOUNTS
• take pictures with your CAMERA or use photos from your PHOTO ALBUMS
• full-fledged Craigslist ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT including REPOSTING with photos, editing, and deleting/undeleting posted ads

• notifiers keep checking Craigslist until a new listing matching your search criteria is posted
• fully configurable MULTI-CITY notifiers
• NEW MATCH indicators

• save/bookmark FAVORITE Craigslist ads
• add NOTES to your FAVORITE ads to keep track of your Craigslist discussions with posters
• save FULLY-CONFIGURED Craigslist searches
• EDIT saved Craigslist searches
• TRACKING SYSTEM for saved searches with new match indicators
• HISTORY of searches. REPEAT a search by tapping the 'bookmarks' button

• REPLY to posters by email
• CALL / TEXT posters directly from cPro
• EMAIL / TEXT a listing to a friend
• attach PHOTOS to replies
• share Craigslist ads on TWITTER/FACEBOOK
• integrated MAPS and DIRECTIONS to the posted location

• PHOTO WALL with matching results listed as photos
• ALREADY SEEN Craigslist listing indicators
• TIME SINCE POSTED indicators
• FLAG inappropriate and best-of-craigslist ads
• save posted photos to your PHOTO ALBUMS
• SORT Craigslist results by date, best match, or low/high price
• ORIGINAL Craiglist listing web page
• results with DATE, LOCATION, and PRICE
• PIN code lock protection

cPro results are always identical to Craigslist. You have the power of 20+ Craigslist search options to narrow down the search to whatever you are interested in.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

The craigslist and associated trademarks are owned by craigslist, Inc. and are being used under licensed permission from craigslist, Inc. for a limited purpose. www.craigslist.org


APPADVICE: "cPro isn’t just a website wrapper; it takes searching, posting, and managing your Craigslist account to a whole new level"

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL: "The entire world of Craigslist in the palm of your hand, with all gazillion listings: antiques, real estate, job openings."

FORBES: "All of the features of Craigslist, but with a search agent option that notifies you of new results that match your terms."

CNET: "If you want a better way to search or post to Craigslist ... cPro has plenty to offer"

CHICAGO NOW: "It features a GPS-based auto-location of nearby Craigslist areas and a fast, streamlined selection of search areas"

TAPSCAPE: "The whole Craigslist browsing experience is so much improved you may never go back to the actual website"

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cPro Craigslist Mobile client

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