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Developer: Thomas Alvarez
Size: 65MB
Last update: Unbekannt

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Educational


Pro (70%)
Fun surprises! Great designs
„Really cool mazes! I like trying to find the passages. Test the walls if you can't get out- oops, I hope I didn't give anything away. I love that! What fun is the obvious. This maze keeps you guessing. Very addictive! ...and spooky at the same time. I'm going through the pillars right now, had to stop to write the review -it's an awesome app - gotta go!”
„Great job! A game well done. Greatest dungeon game yet! Bring on more games!”
Matthew liss
„Awesome best game ever love it”
It is cool Brian twister game it is very real like I like it
„I want more games like this”
The coolest thing on the App Store!!
„This spine tingling, bone chilling app makes my heart beat a mile a minute. I feel like I'm really there and as if someone is following me. This labyrinth of walls and freaky surprises deserves 5 stars!!!”
„Good and awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Makes you think
„Awesome game”
A great game!!
„I love puzzles~ this game really gets my brain working! Really tricky and gives me a huge thrill when I figure a mystery out!!”
„This game is fantastic! I love how it makes you think. Reality is suspended, and there are surprises everywhere. If you enjoy mazes, this is one that will enthrall you!”
Excellent! Very Challenging!
„This game reminds me of the old Dungeons & Dragons games that I played with friends many years ago only with the images that I had in my mind. I love how I have to figure out how to get through each level. Nothing is just obvious. You really need to use your imagination and think differently. Excellent game at an excellent price! I hope they make more like this one.”
Contra (30%)
Not iOS friendly
„This game does not work well with the iOS platform. It's designed like a PC game and not touch-screen friendly. Sorry I wasted my money.”
I want a refund
„Downloaded. Can't even use. Then it DISAPPEARED!!!! I mean REALLY!!! I want my money back! Especially since the game isn't even here anymore! Lesson learned. I know what games to avoid”
Control issues
„This looks like it could be great fun, but the touch controls are terrible....it makes me dizzy just trying to get down the first hallway! I hope this will be fixed so I explore more soon.”
Can walk through stone walls...
„...and get stopped by invisible ones. In the first maze that was generated, I couldn't exit through the doors and walking through a stone textured wall got me into the maze. Secrets areas are OK, but when your whole game involves navigating a maze made of walls and doors, they should work.”

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Just TRY to find your way out!

A first person, 3D maze, graphic adventure game that tests your nerves as well as your imagination.

You are trapped in the depths of an unforgiving dungeon. All you have are your wits and cunning to escape. There are secrets and traps all around. Can you escape your doom?

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