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Developer: VZO entertainment
Size: 62MB
Last update: 25.10.2016

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Educational


Rank 140
Pro (86%)
„So awesome can't stop playin”
Kid friendly game
„This is a kid friendly game and it is perfect for all ages!!”
„It is a fun game but the ads and having to unlock things annoy me”
Really good game
„This a really good game I love it”
Cooking game
„The best thing that ever happened”
Good game...
„This is a pretty good game”
Cool app!
„Lots of option, very interactive.”
Contra (14%)
My rate
„It's okay but it is easy & not lots of foodπŸ‘ŽπŸ»”
„Waste of space”
„You don't really get all of the fair food only the candy apple and cotton candy. And not all of the supplies with it either. You will have to pay for them since they are locked so I don't recommend to download this game. Srry”
So bad
„You get two things to do then bye the rest it stinks a lot don't get this game.”
Only doing for no adds
„I want to make the pizza and fried dough... But I'm not buying anything... I did that once and it was a total waste! I only did this as the free "gift"”
„Fun game”
hate it
„i hate this game u must pay for all the good items . and plus there is too much adds”
I'm just here to get the free add remover
„Eh it's ok...”
The two thing game
„This game only let's you make two things and it is so much money to get everything on the game. I think that the game should let people do all four things.πŸ˜‰”

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Make and decorate fair food at the carnival!!

Fried dough, donuts, cotton candy, and more!!

Have a blast playing this fun food maker game!

iPad & iPhone

Fair Food Donut Maker - Games for Kids Free