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Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Size: 186MB
Last update: 9.12.2016

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Entertainment


Rank 740
Pro (70%)
Best strategy game ever played
„I love the game. Enough said.”
Update Please
„I would love more content in this game. Everyone who bought this or willing to buy this, would love more content to keep us immersed in this amazing game. A major content update would be kindly appreciated.”
„Nuff said, this game is an OIS legend and deserves to be seen as such”
Wow a lot of fun!
„Super fun and addicting! Loved that there are no in-app purchases. I kinda like that it's limited to 20 years, but would love an update to add 5 or 10 more. Great job guys!”
Update with cheats
„You guys should update the game with cheats please I love this game so much like add a money cheat and more stuff like bigger offices pleaseeeee”
Really addicting but update needed
„This game is really really fun, I've been playing it non stop since I got it. But it stops at the ps2... And now the ps4 and Xbox one just came out! And the wiiu! And the game stops at the ps2!”
Very fun/creative game!!!
„This game is addicting! I couldn't put it down once I started. So interesting and it follows the timeline of the actual system releases (more or less). The game is so easy to learn. Even those who don't like simulation games should give this game a try. Highly recommend!”
„My favorite game on the App Store. It never gets old, I've played through a ton of times and it's still fun, definitely worth giving a shot and worth a lot more than it costs.”
Please another update.
„Now hear me out I am straight out addicted to this game and I've been playing it since and I'm kinda getting tired of not constantly getting a update that includes differ models for your custom console and creating engines and having options for kinds of graphics like 2-D or 3-D.The reason I'm saying this is because a while back I played a game similar to this one called Game Dev Tycoon and it would be awesome to have an update like that but maybe take some inspiration from that game and make yours even better.”
Life Changing
„Absolutely one of my favorite games in the App Store, and now holds a place in my heart.”
Contra (30%)
Not worth paying for it
„This game has a steep difficulty curve. The better you start to do the more intentional setbacks the game throws at you. I saved up a bunch of money and bought a console the moment it was released. I invested everything I had into this game and had an average star rating of 40 halfway through the games development. I was hit with 2 set backs but was fortunate enough that my game finished with a 50, 35, 42, 33. My critics rating was an 18 and game sales were #4. This really kills any motivation to play. There are other things, but this was just flat out annoying.”
„I had about 15 hours of game time on the game when my phone died. When I returned on to the app to continue it was all gone. Please help.”
Too many menus
„Too many menus, too hard to navigate, too easy to accidentally tap past important things. Not well suited to touch or small devices at all. Why does it only use half the screen??Feels like a cheap port. Don't see the appeal.”
Great game but...
„This game is a lot of fun but it needs a new update with a lot more content, until then 0 stars”
Poor graphics on iPhone 6+
„Doesn't take up full screen. Graphics are blurred and buggy on my iPhone 6+. I quickly deleted it.”
Please update for later iOS
„Please update this for later iOS and will change it back to 5 stars.”
Work great if not on iPhone 6
„This game is great but you need to update this for iPhone 6 and plus. I can't hire anyone because I can't see the okay button. I owned this on the htc and the bought it again just to be disappointed.”
Essentially Unplayable on iPhone 6 Plus
„Runs, but tap targets are off on a 6 Plus. Worked fine on a 5S though so it's likely the downscaling of the resolution on the 6+ is causing an issue.”
Severely outdated
„I absolutely love this game don't get me wrong but this game hasn't been updated since 2011. Have major problems with game on a 5S after deciding to get back to playing this fun time waster. Mainly, the placement of the buttons and text are not in synch and are out of place, I have to tap right below to actually select something in which I've been forced to use the diagonal pads. Also game tends to crash a bit and at times have the music playing twice at once out of phase of eachother. Now besides it being outdated and still having the size for the 4g series. It's a really fun, expandable tycoon game. There is definitely a strategy that very enjoyable and adjusting. Two games are really the same and can be challenging and rewarding. I rarely keep scores and challenge myself to go for high scores but this game sort of encourages that for me after learning and mastering the strategy, secrets and trying to get the most money by year 20. I definitely feel that the scale of the games tycoon is okay, balanced and I feel that it could of extended itself a bit more. (Or I feel that it could.) definitely adding the feature to release games on multiple platforms would add more to this game and its strategy, (and profits/scale). Kairosoft is a pretty great company at making these type of tycoon games and heard that some of their games are ports from the PC and I think this game was made back in the 90's but out of all of them, (and I've played most of them) this one is the most enjoyable and not as micromanagement like how some of them are and other tycoon games. Please please please out of anything you do next Kairosoft please update this game! I only wrote a 1 star in hopes for a update.”
UI Broken on iOS8 iPhone6
„Would post screenshots if I could but the UI is broken on iOS8 with an iPhone6. Buttons are hidden and text wraps awkward and overlaps in places. I just bought this game yesterday hoping it would be fun only to find it near unplayable in its current state. Hope this gets fixed soon.”
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--"March to a Million" Launch Sale: 60% OFF!--
Manage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulation.

Features the ability to develop your company's own game console, plus a system for changing your staff members' professions.

Hire talented people and train them to develop their skills.

As your staff gets more experience, you will unlock a wider array of game genres and content to develop. Try to find the most popular combinations and develop for the latest platform!
Your staff members can have a variety of game-related professions, from programmer to sound engineer.

Work hard and you may reach the top of the video game industry!
Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit us at
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