Gratitude Journal ~ the original!

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Developer: Happy Tapper
Size: 53MB
Last update: 11.01.2017

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Lifestyle, Utilities


Pro (34%)
So simple
„This app is a joy in its simplicity and yet never fails to make me smile. A busy life usually makes me turn off all annoying reminders on most apps, but this sweet message is always welcome.”
Crashes & Freezes
„Good idea for app and and quick and simple interface but crashes and freezes daily. Wish the developer would improve the stability.”
Takes long to update
„Great little app, but not without its faults. App needs an update where so that the program can actually close in a timely manner. There are times when it crashes too. I use the reminder and use the app everyday. I don't use the Facebook and Twitter option. Would like to see the random "screensaver" with a random entry/message of that day (currently it only uses the last entry).”
A little frustrating!
„I love the idea of this app. Even though I read some of the reviews that were not so favorable, I bought the app anyway. I love the seamless interface and the slideshow at the top. I also like how I can go back to past days and add notes or pics as well. BUT after using it for only four days now, I am getting a little frustrated. It takes forever for a new note to be added, whether that's on wifi or data. I've had to make duplicate entries because my entry wasn't saved, and some of them STILL aren't saved!! I wish the saving of notes and going from date to date would transition a little easier. As a part of my New Years resolutions I want to keep a gratitude journal and I want this to be that journal for me....but I may have to go back to my old ways using a memo app that is a little more professional and functional. Please get it together!!!!”
I am grateful for the gratitude journal!
„It is beautiful and easy to use. I have had this app since the beginning and in the past few years experienced some very tough times and didn't feel grateful for anything so I didn't write. This year I am back at it and my old entires are still there and the app itself is aesthetically pleasing, super easy to use, and functional for feeling true abundance in life. I'm so happy with it!! Thank you to the developers for continuing to improve on an already great app.”
Gratitude is a must have app
„All too often we forget to take a minute for ourself to stop and reflect. This app reminds you to take that valuable time. It's worth the $2 bucks! It's a small price to pay for peace of mind and a moment of sanity.”
„Good app with a ton or great features. I am trying to find some reason to be grateful that the app had a bug... That forced me to have to delete/reinstall it...thus losing all of my previous entries? Maybe it's a lesson in letting go. ;) or perhaps they will now fix that!”
Good app.
„I don't get why everyone is complaining, this app is pretty well done. There are a few minor bugs but they're no big deal. I really think it could benefit from a map feature where we can see what we're grateful for by location?”
„It's much improved but there was no way to recapture all my old entries. Perfect if you are starting now.”
Makes you think
„Sometimes you just need to press pause in life. This app helps me do that and remember what is important to me - God, spouse, family, relationships and experiences.”
Contra (66%)
What the heck happened?
„I got this app when it first appeared in the App Store. It's terrible now. The format is awful and all of my previous journal entries are gone. From 5 stars to 1, but only because I can't give it zero.”
If it ain't broke...
„Apparently the developer of this app thinks the ending to that phrase is "then go ahead and ruin it!" Like other reviewers, I have used this app off and on for the past few years only to discover that upon trying to use it again, I need to create a login and am forced to provide my location, which I will not do. Here's a tip to all developers out there - if you have a screen that says "May we please have your location?" Then you should actually give the user a choice of saying yes or no. Otherwise I don't care how politely you "ask," it's still a demand and I find it very off putting and am planning on deleting the app and, I guess, all if my old entries along with it. Seems like this developer fell prey to the stupid laws of consumer product marketing and the blind need to update and improve products that are perfectly good as they are.”
I used to love this app!
„I got this app years ago--when it first came out. I loved it's easy interface and it's fun look. But the latest update is a disaster. The slide show at the top is never in focus. It takes FOREVER for a note to add and sometimes the note just gets dumped or deleted or disappears. There's nowhere to contact developers within the app itself. It was perfect. I loved it! I have no idea why they changed it or why they decided to wreck it. Why would one do that? Just doesn't make sense... I gave it 2 stars for concept and the fact that it still sometimes does what it's supposed to do. I'll probably start looking for a replacement.”
„This was a great app. I paid for a personal journal not a Facebook Messaging app.”
So sad and frustrated.
„I just want my old entries back. This app was so simple and beautiful. Why did they change anything? I feel robbed.”
Be grateful this app lost your data
„They say publishing poetry is like dropping rose petals down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. Sharing your gratitude with this app will produce similar results. You will never hear from your expressions of gratitude again. May as well write them on the wind. If you're looking to record and review your gratitude, move on. This app in its early versions did just that. The developer pushed beyond her capabilities, however, and tried to implement a server sync capability. It just doesn't work, and worse it loses your data. The support site is loaded with complaints about, charmingly marked by the developer as 'not a bug'. No doubt the developer actually believes this and hasn't faced up to a flawed design. Yup, the fault was yours, poor user, that your data disappeared. You must have done something wrong. Yes, you did. You trusted this developer.”
Would be great if it worked all the time
„Great idea and it should be the easiest app in the world to make right, right? I've had it for 3 days and it works for 1/2 a day and then quits. Won't pull up my entries, and now it seems they've disappeared... Again. Super frustrating.”
„Journaled twice, lost my entries twice. Reinstalled twice and cannot get in to the app. What a waste of money. Very dissappointing-”
Old entries have disappeared
„Like many other reviewers, I seem to have lost all of my old entries after not using the app for a while, even though the app indicated they were being transferred to the new version. What happened???? So very disappointing. Tough to feel gratitude, that's for sure.”
Livid & Devistated
„DO NOT GET!!! Would give zero stars if I could. I've been using this app since 2009 (when it used to be good). Didn't use it last year and was ready to start again, but no matter what I selected the app would crash so I had to do the update. Was forced to enter my personal email and name, which was never needed before, nor should it be needed now! It then said it would import my old entries. Guess what.... The old entry dates have a dot as if something is there but when you click on that date I get nothing. 5 years of journaling lost!!!!! The app developers should be ashamed of themselves!!!”

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As seen in the Huffington Post, Oprah and the Telegraph - Gratitude Journal is the easiest and most effective way to rewire your brain in just five minutes a day, unleashing everything great in your life.

"This app has a brightly designed interface, with clear controls and a layout that make it easy to type a few sentences that talk about what you are thankful for." - New York Times

"Miranda Kerr uses Gratitude app, which allows her to write daily affirmations like, "I am grateful for having a husband that can whisper Elvish to me in bed and an adorable roly-poly baby." - NY Magazine

“Keeping a gratitude journal is the single most important thing I’ve ever done.” - Oprah

It builds on proven principles of positive psychology.

+ A proven format for easy journaling and sharing (if you want)
+ Export to PDF
+ Tag friends and locations
+ Slideshow to view random past entries
+ Passcode protection for your privacy
+ Friendly reminders so you don't miss a day
+ Inspirational quotes and motivational advice
+ Sync and backup so you never lose your entries
+ Photos to let you capture your best moments

“This app kept me going through the worse year of my life.” - Vicki, West Virginia

“Gratitude is a very powerful feeling and this app reminds me each day where to focus my thoughts.” - Sorosh, India

“It got me off life’s treadmill and doing what I really love.” - Barry, Ireland

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Gratitude Journal ~ the original!

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