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Developer: MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH
Size: 59MB
Last update: 11.11.2016

Compatible with: iPad
Categories: Weather, Travel


Pro (52%)
Exceptional App
„This is our "go-to" weather app for Europe. It is exceedingly accurate and we never plan our activities without consulting it first. So far, we haven't had any "bad surprises" nor unexpected rainouts. Highly recommended!”
Pretty good
„I use several weather apps, and this one is quite good and accurate. I would like it better if there was a short-range hourly forecast.”
best weather app ever
„hi there best weather i love the graphs ranges what make this app perfect most alwsoumest weather app is have costermer setting costomized graphe ranges in the settings option the temp graph curently gose from -40 to 120 and rain gauge gose too 1 inch per hour it be neat too set the temputure at 32 or 0 and high of 99 were i live record cold only 5 degrees and record high temputure 105 or 106 and the rain guauge only reach 0.49 inches over 1 hour and resets every hour soo setting it at only 0.25 inches per hour be neet rain per hour per per day per month per year a mannaly reset option affter each storm”
„I don't get dressed in the morning without checking this app. The forecasts are clear, concise and as accurate (or more so) than any others.”
Superb app
„The first app I purchased and still the one I use most! Very precise, hour by hour forecast and very accurate.”
Simple the Best
„Best weather app I have used”
Still Using This Weather App
„Update: I haven't had a reason to change this as my default weather app, and that's the best compliment I can make about any app. Original: With most weather apps, you can't get any closer than the city level. This app, once it knows where you are, gives you 3 to 4 nearby locations WITHIN A NEIGHBORHOOD (at least for me, in the S.F. Bay Area). This is especially important here on the coast, with our "micro-climates", where the temperature can vary by 10 or more degrees in a few miles.”
Best weather app
„Using it for over a year my review is "excellent". Very good interface but, most important very good data. Usable information. Very good feature is the integration of Netatmo I am using the pro version - worth the money.”
Easily the best
„In my view, this is easily the best weather app for the iPad in terms of features, layout and ease of use. Moreover, after over a year of regular use in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, I can also vouch for its prediction accuracy & representation of current weather conditions (I can’t speak for other continents since I’ve never used it there).”
Best Weather App
„Have half a dozen other weather apps but this is the most accurate and comprehensive. Upgraded from the free version to get 14 day forecast.”
Contra (48%)
„I hate giving bad reviews but unless you fork over for the premium service, this app is basically unusable. There are much better weather apps out there.”
Not worth the money
„I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase the three apps from meteo group. Come to find out, I might as well have stuck with the free Wundermap, since putting money down on an app wasn't enough. I'm expected to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. Available data is very limited without the subscription. But it's all included in the app but just doesn't do anything but pop up a window to remind you what your purchase didn't pay for. Uninstalling.”
„Doesn't show my US location other than current temp. I have to purchase the subscription, I think, to get detailed information. THAT IS CLEARLY NOT EXPLAINED. DON'T BUY”
Too much.
„WeatherPro is a very slick app, but there are features that should be built into the base app that require a subscription. Since the iPhone first came out I've bought well over 100 apps and a metric ton of add-ons, so I have no issue with paying for apps. Developers have to eat! I just feel like this one is just asking for too much money tho.”
Not so good
„Not so good as it can to be. I want to see current weather data, but it is well visible in portrait mode only, not in landscape - you have to find it. I want to see only one place, so how can I hide the right bar on weather screen? I don't need to see forecast one week to the future - probability is very low, but I can see at least two days in the past. Why it isn't possible? Sorry, I'm dissappointed. Missing usefull help and support for my question. And a price? No, not more than two stars.”
Saudi arabia
„Over all its fantastic , full feature but becareful before you buy this app because some areas over the worl are not coverd like saudi arabia , unteil they cover it only one star ,,,”
Rip off
„Fair but you have to buy more and then pay for a subscription, 3 months or yearly.”
rip off
„The app is too expensive for what you get. Maps have to be bought extra....When you do that, activatiing them is a mess and cumbersome. Support is automated and not functioning. Cannot be recommended.”
Not accurate
„See above”
A total ripoff
„You pay 4.99 for the app and you don't even get radar. For that you have to subscribe to premium for 5.99 a year, or 1.99 a month. A lot of cheaper and even free apps give you more detailed forecasts and higher resolution, fully functioning radar without having to make a bundle of purchases. Very deeply disappointed. This developer is fleecing folks. My advice: Stay away!!”

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WeatherPro for iPad has been created by MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading private weather company. This reliable weather app offers unrivalled, high-quality, detailed information, clearly visualized in an easy-to-read interface. These features are all brought to you by passionate weather professionals– hence the name WeatherPro!

• 7-day forecast data in periods of 3 hours
• Weather reports for 2 million worldwide locations
• Comprehensive detail on temperature, wind direction/ speed, air pressure, precipitation amount/ probability, relative humidity, UV index, feels like temperature and more
• Worldwide alerts and warning levels for extreme weather
• Unlimited favourite locations synchronizable via iCloud
• Connection to Netatmo personal weather stations
• Global satellite and animated radar for the USA, Australia and much of Europe
• Additional features like: widget, weather news etc.
• Ski Weather
• No adverts

We also offer an optional premium service which is perfect for if you have specific weather interests, for sports, holidays or more:
• 14-day forecasts in hourly periods
• Precipitation type radar for Europe, radar forecasts, heat maps, lightning strikes, cloud cover forecasts, etc.
• Beach Weather and more

One subscription covers Premium services on all weather apps by MeteoGroup: WeatherPro, MeteoEarth and AlertsPro.

For more details please visit, follow WeatherPro at or contact


WeatherPro for iPad

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