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Developer: Dapper Owl
Size: 22MB
Last update: 19.12.2016

Compatible with: iOS


Pro (46%)
Wonderful variety
„I love the variety of configurations. Big thumbs up.”
Enhances my artistry
„Had been searching for a kaleidoscopic app to usher some of my iPhone photos to a higher level of creativity. Kaleidacam is a match made in digital Heaven. Have been doing some stunning work with it. The most common every day objects are being transformed into lovely abstract art. Am doing a great deal of work with this app and loving every creative moment!”
Update please!
„Virtual reality helmets for mobile phones are just starting to blow up. Right now there are only a small handful of VR enabled iPhone apps. If this app had a 3D option, it'd be HUGELY popular with the VR crowd.. I hope this developer jumps on the bandwagon before someone else does. A 3D camera kaleidoscope app would be so epic. It'd be such an experience of the senses. All that needs to be done is a double screen/mirrored option, and removal of the shutter button. PLEASE CONSIDER IT!!!!”
Best I have used
„App is simplest, offering multiple choices of kaleidoscope reflection surfaces producing unlimited possibilities. Unless your camera is on stand, it is impossible to reproduce previous image. Therefore the results are infinite! Amazing! Great job guys!”
Delightful and mesmerizing.
„Did not expect it to be so fascinating!”
„The kaleidoscope makes the world look totally trippy man. I give it 5 stars!!! ✌🌈🌀🍄🌻💚✌”
Great app!
„This app has some wonderful tools for easily making very creative designs.”
Just when I give up looking
„I find this. Brilliant. Finally a kaleidoscope with quality output. thank you!!!”
Still great
„I thought you could record videos with it, but I'm not seeing a way to. It's still 5-star. youtube/user/JonYodice”
Contra (54%)
Previous Update Removed Effects
„The developers removed effects that were once included and converted them to in-app purchases. A low-handed and greedy move.”
Disappointed. Boo.
„Only comes with 4 preset effects... To unlock 3 more effects, it's another 2 bucks. It definitely doesn't offer as many presets (and/or purchase opportunities) as I had anticipated. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.”
„Don't buy this!!! It's not worth it!! You get 4 designs to play with and it zooms in on the pics and won't let you zoom out at all!!! Sooo disappointed!! Can't believe I wasted my money in this crap!! :(”
Can't use own pics
„Don't buy if you want to edit existing pics, as it crashes EVERYTIME I want to upload a pic”
„Don't buy. Not worth my money and then they asked me to pay MORE for more Murrow effects after i already paid 1.99. There is only 4 mirror effect too. RIPOFF”

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Turn your iPhone or iPad into a live kaleidoscope camera and capture beautiful images.

‟You'll find this app is a bit addictive.”
­­­— Mashable

‟… seeing the world through kaleidoscope eyes, without any worrying side effects. The KaleidaCam iPhone app is a beautiful photo app to add to your collection.”
­­­— The Next Web

‟… turns your iPhone into the looking glass of a kaleidoscope... kinda like if you were on drugs.”
­­­— Gizmodo (The Week's Best iPhone Apps)

‟It’s still pretty amazing how the app sees ordinary objects. KaleidaCam stays on my iPhone after I write about it.”
— Life in Lofi

● Live kaleidoscope view of the world.
● Choose from 4 included kaleidoscope styles.
● Rich touch interaction allows you to rotate and zoom the kaleidoscope.
● Save and share high resolution kaleidoscope pictures.
● Load existing images from your library and see how they look through the lens of a kaleidoscope.
● Additional circle and spiral kaleidoscope styles available via in-app purchase.

Get in touch on Twitter @KaleidaCam and via email at hello@dapperowl.com.

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