Kindergarten math & reading learning kids games

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Developer: Kids Academy Co apps: Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games, Educational Books, Free Songs
Size: 487MB
Last update: 9.12.2016

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Education, Games


Pro (78%)
Nice Educational App
„I have a 5 year old and this type of app is great for learning and entertainment. The graphics and music are well done. Looking forward to other apps like this one.”
„Fun app for the kids.”
„Can be very addictive!!”
„I can't wait to show my niece!”
Very exciting app!
„Thank you devs, really enjoy this!”
Phonics are fun
„Absolutely recommend this app for teaching your little ones. Good at holding their interest. Well designed and organized.”
Cool mechanics
„Like this app as a collection of simple games for my kids! Very well design and animations!”
Very good game to educate kids
„The kids learned a lot. Just let them play for 30 minutes each day and they will be a future prodigy”
„It's perfect for my kids! They love the theme and use it more and more!”
„Great game for any little kid, recommended!”
Contra (22%)
Where is my purchased app ?
„Paid 9.99$ , and my girl can't play the purchased app ? Where is it ? Or refund please”
„This is hast a preview in order to get you to buy their app it literally only has A B C. Very disappointed.”
Decent Game but an annoying app
„Purchased the uppercase letter game, which is nice in and of itself. However the game is constantly blocking access to functionality in an attempt to funnel you to the up-sell.”
Error in method
„Teaches incorrect formation of letters.”
„I purchased the full version and really enjoyed the graphics and the music. But then it asked me to purchase the full version again and again. I already had purchased it. The tracing feature is awesome when it works but having problems with that.”
Terrible app
„Huge scam. Don't believe the reviews. Most of them dint make any sense. Continually asks for in app purchases even after you've made them-- and will continue to charge you for them after you've purchased them. Stay away.”
Very poorly designed app
„The first issue I have with this app is the constant popups asking to download every single app this developer makes. EVEN after you purchase the full $10 pack of apps. The second issue I have with this app is that I am always needing to restore my purchases. This is very inconvenient and frustrating when you take your iPad on a long car ride with your kids and had them the iPad to play and all the purchases you have made are not available because you have a Wi-Fi only iPad. The third issue I have is with the developer. I can’t contact them! Their contact page on their website doesn’t work. I do not recommend this app to anyone and I am asking for a full refund. This was not worth $10. There are better apps out there that do the same for less money and far less frustrations!”
Learning read and write
„My kid loves this app. He got lots of fun with it. All the letter work fine except letter U. Restore the app so many times still don't work”
Won't let me upgrade
„I downloaded this sample game for my daughter and decided I wanted to paid for the full version. Upon trying to buy it I get a screen that is unresponsive. Very frustrating!”

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Now with free printable worksheets, Money Monsters and new fun videos!

+++++ Featured by The Guardian +++++

Based on the proven Montessori learning method, Kids Academy's Early Learning University is the best educational app for preschoolers. Develops reading, writing and math skills through fascinating games!

- Over 500 worksheets, games & activities
- Best educational TV shows
- Complete learning plan
- Classic children’s books
- New content added regularly

designed by experts in early education

• Toddlers (ages 1-3)
• Preschool (ages 2-4)
• Kindergarten (ages 3-5+)
• Based on the proven Montessori method

Each stage of our carefully developed step-by-step curriculum is tailored towards a specific age group ensuring a natural learning curve. The learning process is based on the proven Montessori method.

***Over 500 worksheets & activities

Kids Academy features various types of content focusing on different memory types (visual, audio, muscle, etc.) ensuring deeper understanding of the learning material.

• Worksheets & Games
• Interactive books & Songs
• Videos and educational shows
• New content added regularly


Kids Academy learning plan covers all aspects of preschool education ensuring that our young students have comprehensive knowledge, deep understanding and a set of skills that will help them excel in their further education.

• Reading
• Writing
• Math
• Spelling
• more...


A vast collection of the best educational videos for kids of all ages and interests. We have videos covering almost everything from nursery rhymes to the history of dinosaurs and the structure of the universe.

- Educational videos
- Most valuable & popular shows
- Age appropriate content only
- Never ending stream of learning fun


Kids Academy features a consistent motivational system that promotes and encourages learning. There’s no achievement too insignificant, no gain too small. Every step is encouraged and every little victory is proudly celebrated.

- Consistent encouragement
- Achievements
- Cups and awards


You can have peace of mind knowing your kids are safe when they’re in the Kids Academy app. Proven parental control and child protection mechanisms ensure 100% safety for your kids.

- Age appropriate content only
- 100% safe with parental control
- No 3d party ads
- Strictly editorial control

Over 10,000,000 kids around the world get fun playing Kids Academy apps!


Subscription details:

* While the app is free to download some of the content is only available as part of a monthly subscription-based membership.
* Membership costs $7.99/month and all payments are charged to your iTunes account
* There’s a free 7 day trial that starts right after you confirm your purchase.
* Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each billing period unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period ends.
* Subscription can me managed and turned off at any time via your iTunes account.
* If you have any questions regarding your subscription, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy watching your kids get ready for school and explore the world of education while having loads of fun on the way!

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Kindergarten math & reading learning kids games