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Developer: Ice-Pick Lodge
Size: 400MB
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Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Entertainment


Pro (68%)
„This game is amazing but it started crashing when I go into the forest after the level where the doppelgänger shows up please fix it this game means the world to me I love it so much”
Just finished...I think?
„This is the most perplexing game, if it is in fact a game, that I have ever experienced. It is creepy, frustrating, strange, and impossible to describe in any way that will make sense unless you try it for yourself. Try it and let me know what your ending is. Mine ends with the main character going mad. Yours? It is well made...the sounds must be heard through headphones for full effect. I had to see what would happen. Does that make it a good game? I don't know. But it kept bringing me back...”
Horror itself?
„I love the atmosphere that this game offers and how the tension sneaks up on you”
„This game is a complete mind f**k. Itll stay with you days after playing it and possibly cause nightmares. Dont play this one without headphones either. It intensifies the game. A must have for horror fans. I hope to see another game like this from these devs,although this is def one of a kind.”
Awesome,Beautiful,and Terrifying!
„Get it now!🎭”
Awsome scary game
„But It need realistic shadows like the pc version”
Brilliantly terrifying
„This game isn't scary because if grotesque monsters or intense popups. It's scary because it likes to get inside your head and stress you out. There are weird cryptic messages and noises hidden all over that don't seem to have any meaning other than to freak out the player, and it works. Whenever a monster enters your house, there is a feeling of panic that looms around until sunrise. However, none of these things are necessarily bad. One of the biggest things this game has going for it is it's beautiful art style that only adds to the atmosphere. Strongly recommended to any fan of the horror genre, or anyone interested in trying it out.”
„This game leaves me speachless Yet even Markiplier played it”
„The game is a horror masterpiece, that uses a very unique program for horror, it's a horror game that's worth every penny. Although I got the "breaking the cycle" ending, then it showed the "bad game over screen" ( maybe it's a glitch)”
Contra (32%)
„The game is so much more stressful then FNaF I love both the games but this game actually gives me the creeps! XD great game love the art style and I love how you just can't camp in a single room forever!greatly put together love the character you play as (I got a soft spot for insane scientists with wacky hair :3 idk why) so all around 5 stars for great art gameplay suspense etc :D ...but now that i play it I see that the hiding mechanic is bull...great game but the monsters ALWAYS see me hiding not fair I'm not even over exaggerating no matter what I'm found....”
Can't hide
„Every Time u go to hide behind a bed the monsters still see u no matter what. Game is flawed. Smooth play through, Good sound effects, Spooky edge of your seat feel.”
Self-indulgent boring and beautiful
„I wanted to love this game. I really did. It has beautifully creepy artwork, a wonderfully dark atmosphere, and a (initially) cryptic and intriguing plot. Sadly, the more you play, the more you realize that there's little beneath the surface - and to make matters worse, the developers make you repeat the same mundane action ad nauseum to highlight this lack of depth. You slowly crawl through a forest to find something that's never explained to you and then end up back at the same house to repeat it all over again. And the narrator spews overly cryptic messages that never amount to anything and reveal nothing - I just skipped through them after enough levels because it just wastes time and only serves to add "creepy" vibes to the game. The "rules" to the game are stupidly based on luck and chance. I really cant emphasize this enough - this is not a good game. The art is beautiful - but the game is not. Im shocked by all of the great reviews here (which convinced me to buy the game). Its not a horror masterpiece - its an exercise in patience. Also the swipe controls are VERY poorly implemented and often result the wrong action being even on a technical level, this game poorly performs. Two stars for the art direction and atmosphere. Everything else that actually makes this a game fails in all respects.”
Would have been great
„I can't move!!! When I'm being chased the monster it won't respond or when I'm trying to open doors or hide!! Please fix the controls for ios optimization. Like a control pad or something and sensitivity settings.”
Poor user experience
„This game is a good example of how not to design a game. Clunky user interface, choppy animation, lack of a clear goal, and weak story line all contribute to a frustrating time. I would recommend looking elsewhere.”

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An eerie, uncomfortable horror is creeping from PC over to iOS!

"It is a game as much about horror as it is of horror" - Rock Paper Shotgun
"Knock-Knock is a gorgeous survival horror game with more style than sense" - IGN
"One of the most fascinating and even endearing gaming experiences I’ve had in ages" - GameFront

Three generations of Lodgers have occupied the cabin, but lately, the walls seem to undulate, skittering unknowns shift in the darkness, and an unruly growl seeps from the attic. Are they hallucinations pecking at the insomnia-afflicted Lodger, or the gnarled remnants of a darker secret?

The woods finally give in to the nightfall, and the dreadful things come out to play.

Survive the night while maintaining the dilapidated cabin and preventing the threadbare sanity of the Lodger from unraveling completely. Hide from the grotesque intruders peering from the gloom and seek out the key to ending the Lodger's ordeal.

- A game of survival and troubling madness.
- Hide from the invading creatures.
- Fix the lights and keep the cabin rooms repaired to ward off evil.
- Survive the night with your sanity intact.
- Solve the mystery of the Lodgers nightmare.
- Full iOS 7 controller support.

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Knock-Knock Game

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