Letter Quiz: Alphabet Tracing Games and Flash Cards for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids by Abby Monkey® Learning ABCs

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Developer: 22learn, LLC
Size: 90MB
Last update: 3.03.2015

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Educational


Pro (75%)
Great Basic Learning App
„Perfect learning game for preschool and kindergarten kids. There are a variety of different mini games in the app, and each one is fun and unique. The characters and interface helps to keep kids focused and involved.”
New Favorite Learning Games!
„I highly recommend Letter Quiz for busy parents! This app engages my children and keeps their full attention, while also teaching them age appropriate games, so that I can get my nightly chores done. One of my many favorite features is the *alphabet tracing* game! I homeschool my children and this is exactly what I've been teaching them and this app just reinforces the lessons with fun & friendly graphics! Most importantly, I am able to open the app and know that my kids are having FUN and LEARNING at the same time! 5 STARS *****”
Priceless learning tool
„I love this app for my children! There are bright colorful games to help them learn their alphabet! The introduction when you open the app with the child speaking is great since he gives you detailed explanation of the games. My daughters are feeling more confident with their ABCs with this wonderful app!”
Fantastic #1 Kids App!
„Flash Cards & Alphabet Tracing made smart! My children are 3 & 4 years old and love to play this learning app, which is PRICELESS! The glitch-free & user friendly child app is streamlined fun learning! I look forward to the long car rides because my kids will play and learn with easy instructions that they can understand! My daughter loves connecting the dots game & my son likes the fish matching game the best! Fantastic #1 rated app in our family & PRICELESS for parents!”
Amazing Learning App!!
„This app is great for smaller children. It teaches children how to write letters and quizzes them! Great for learning!!!”
Perfect for 'lil ones
„Parents tend to forget about the developmental stops that their children need to take a want them to go straight from making baby talk into forming perfect sentences they want them to go straight into writing letters. However, it is important to start with tracing and it is important to keep learning fun. This app really helps children in preschool or kindergarten help get the skills they need to become better learners and have fun while they're doing it!!!”
Another outstanding learning app!
„As soon as I introduced my children to this app, I couldn't take it away from them as they had so much fun with it! The best part was that they were learning at the same time and you cannot put a price on that. I have found this app to be great in every aspect of learning different letters in the alphabet. They have everything from exciting flash card games to matching games and even letter tracing! The colors are bright and vibrant which my kids loved and is very child user friendly. I highly recommend this app to anyone with children in preschool and kindergarten and even for teachers to use within their classes! Great app! 5 stars!”
Best Learning App Out There!
„I had been looking for an app that would help my daughter learn her ABCs until this beautifully designed app came along. All of the graphics are very colorful and smooth, and all of the games work wonderfully. My daughter absolutely loves this app as she asks to play it almost everyday. Additionally, I can really see the results from her learning. With seven different games, the app is interactive, comprehensive, and effective. It will even help your child/student learn new words! I highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone without a single reservation! Another great app from the brains behind 22learn!”
It Took 3 Days Before Working
„Update: Now that it works, it's doing what it's supposed to, including letter tracing! Thank you! Because of the delay and the non-support, I hv rated 3 stars. We would still like a valid email address to contact 22Learn when needed. Three Days Ago: I just wasted $2 for an app that will not load. App Support is non-existent; the website does not hv an email address and says invalid, even though they make you go through the trouble of filling out a form. Restarting my device and "killing" the app do not help either. Others have also said that the tracing activities are not included, which is what my child enjoys. Do not waste your $ on any of their apps.”
Great, but...
„My daughter absolutely LOVES this app! It has really helped with her alphabet and letter recognition. My only complaint is that she adores the letter tracing activity from the lite version, but it wasn't included on the full version. I'm hoping this can be fixed in an update. Otherwise, great app.”
Contra (25%)
Good, but missing letter tracing!
„I bought this app because my son enjoyed the letter tracing in the trial but it is missing in the full version. Please fix!!”
Paid app missing two games
„I bought this app for the letter tracing game. My son really like the light version but when we bought the full version the game was not included. The website says the app contains nine games but there only seven.”
Missing Activities
„Just purchased the app today because my son really enjoyed the tracing activity. But when we opened the app the two tracing activities were missing. Why would it be included in the trial but not the full version? I tried to email technical report, but I only got an error message.”

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***** Developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in cooperation with educational specialists.

Dive into the depths of the ocean to discover letters and alphabet. With its 9 fun games, Letters and Alphabet Adventure is the best way to teach children letter recognition, association of words with their beginning letter, and alphabetical order.

The application features a bright, colorful, child-friendly interface that is appealing to children yet does not distract from learning. Learn with jellyfish and cute sharks, jump on the alphabet when the alphabet song is playing and more!

To develop your child’s skills, we included the following seven games that cater to different skill levels and stages of learning:

* Letter Flash Cards
Choose from four different types of flash cards based on what you want to learn. For example, select flash cards that feature uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other and learn the lowercase form of uppercase letters. Flash cards are ideal especially in the early stages of learning when children are becoming acquainted with the letters but can also be well used once children already mastered the material and self-test their knowledge.

* Alphabet Song
Sing along! A, B, C, D… Listen to the song and learn the alphabet as the letters in the song are highlighted; play with the letters once the song ends.

* Jumbled Alphabet
Practice the alphabetical order with Jumbled Alphabet. Based on your child’s skills, choose an easy, medium, or challenge level. Fill in the gaps in the alphabet by dragging letters to their correct place.

* Letter Quiz
Learn to recognize letters. Tap on the letters called!

* Matching: A—Apple
Learn beginning letters of words. Drag the letter next to the picture that depicts a word that begins with that letter.

* Connect the Dots
Tap on the letters in the alphabetical order to trace and subsequently reveal a picture that was cast ashore!

* Matching: A—a
The fish moms lost their babies! Drag the fish with lowercase letters to the fish with corresponding uppercase letters!

* Tracing uppercase letters
Enjoy Tracy's funny animation and sounds as you trace uppercase letters! Learn to write uppercase letters!

* Tracing lowercase letters
Drag the cute animated Tracy character to trace letters. Learn to write lowercase letters!

In their entirety, the 9 games offer a variety of activities that will challenge and expand your children’s minds. This is the app your children will adore!

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Letter Quiz: Alphabet Tracing Games and Flash Cards for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids by Abby Monkey® Learning ABCs

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