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Developer: movingworld GmbH
Size: 26MB
Last update: 1.12.2016

Compatible with: iOS


Pro (48%)
Vastly Improved
„I got an early version for an iPad 3, and it was pretty buggy. Just started using this one. What a difference! I especially like the 3d view on satellite images. The rotating, panning,and zooming work really well on my iPod 5g. This version does not clutter the display so much. A worthy app. More map choice would be welcome.”
Impressed - needs better search though.
„This is a very nicely done app. The routing and map saving functions are really cool. The topography and POIs are a bit lacking. Staring at a trail on the map, I searched for the name and it didn't show in results. I use my old neotreks app to find trails and then this to plot and track the hike. Stuff like shelters and pay stations would be amazing. Please? Keep it up though guys :)”
Get this app!!
„This is the best and most affordable GPS app I’ve come across. Throw away your separate devices and just use your phone. The graphics are astonishingly good and the accuracy is excellent. I’m not a luddite and I found the UI a little bit confusing to do more than the very basics. There’s a lot of great features, but trying to figure out how to use them is confusing. I’ve gone through the in-app tutorials but found that they weren’t terribly useful. A downloadable pdf version of a users manual would be incredibly helpful. Otherwise, a job very very well done. Great stuff! I would recommend buying this as I can only imagine that it will get better and better as they refine the app.”
Wait what it's free?!
„What a great app and it's free. I've used it for a few years now and I'm really happy with it. Very useful and functional an A+ effort!!!”
Best Hiking App Available!!!
„This is a must have for any hiker/backpacker/biker, or anyone who wants to know what type of terrain they’re getting themselves into when they go on a trip. It doesn’t take up much battery life AT ALL, and uses the built in GPS perfectly when there’s no service, which is all the time if you’re hiking in the right places! Great import features, and you can even create Waypoints where you can save photos and notes. Downloading maps is a breeze and it offers more than enough maps to choose from to download. Great app, thank you so much!”
Love it!
„Really good app. Love all the features. My favorite is downloading super high quality hiking maps before I go, so I have them when I'm there. And I've found them to have most trails, even semi obscure ones (this probably has more to do with who made the maps than the app, but, the app presents great map source options). I also love the 2d and 3d view options. Out hiking the other day, I was able to answer the question, this is where we are, this is where we're going (just put the cursor over it), in this distance and this elevation gain, and actually see the exact terrain we'd hike on. Amazing. Battery life seems good too, although I've sometimes found very cold weather to tank my ip6 batt quickly. If you're looking for a dead simple app, I wouldn't say this is it. But if you're looking for an app with a lot of features that runs really well and doesn't crash, try this.”
„Not a bad app, I wouldn't rely on it, or any other battery powered navigational device as a primary means of getting from point A to B and beyond. I have used it to augment the old map & compass. The batteries never die on those 2 items. Something to live by. It has proved to be handy for a general overview of routes and terrain features. Good luck, be smart, be safe.”
Good app
„Good app, nice features. Please, in future updates, offer some more zoom, 16 is not enough for small tracks. Good luck to you, developers.”
„This app is what I had been looking for. It has amazing features, works smoothly does its job well and the discount price is awesome! Thanks developers!”
„Gorgeous new design that prioritizes the map, excellent use of transparencies--this is my goto app for hiking/biking/etc. With the latest update, rotation and zooming are flawlessly smooth; Maps 3D is now indeed not just fully mature, it's also simply perfect.”
Contra (52%)
Great Potential!
„This app has some seriously great potential! If it only worked, I would be able to use it every once in a while. If you could get the maps to render even a little bit and maybe make the interface a little more user friendly, this would be a killer outdoor companion. I haven't tried this app in the outdoors because it doesn't even work indoors, but once it does, I plan on using it every time!”
It's okay, very limited. Not real good, definitely not great!
„Map 3D is anything but "Pro"! Now, this app did show me some new trailheads around my hometown, I had not known about before, and that are not on any other map that I've seen. However that's the best I can say about it. It also shows "waypoints" that are miles from the actual trail, and NEVER actual shows some trails it claims to have. The map tile download process is S-L-O-W! Has never finished without dropping several tiles. But, the worst part was taht it erases your previously downloaded maps, without warning or noticifying you. That leaves this app no longer able to trace the route to get to the newly downloaded map. Many of the more famous local landmarks on the local mountain trails, are not even hinted at. The perspective view is always tilted, and fade-out effect is more like driving into a fog bank. They don't turn off, either, making it hard to read and much harder to use this app than it should be. The "movingworld" support is all about finger-pointing, instead of getting any of the many, many errors corrected. It's not there fault, they'll say, they got that map from someone else. Well, that someone else doesn't have you as a customer, so they sure aren't going to lift a finger for you, while "movingworld GmbH" will only lifts their finger high enough to point them at who or whatever "public" source they took the data from ! A waste of a bit of money, a large chunk of iPhone memory, and hours and hours of time! Making me miss being places because of their bad data, and super, slow downloads, that have to be repeated. That's when I removed this from my phone.”
Non intuitive interface
„Lack of features when not connected to the Internet, such as map zoom, led to me being briefly lost for the first time in 50 years of off trail backcountry hiking. A fun planning tool, but too many obscure features and non-intuitive controls make this a dangerous hiking companion.”
„Waste of money”
So so so slow Map
„Maps is too slow”
Pretty much worthless
„Bought maps 3d to use and explore the Kettle Moraine here in WI, USA. The app shows it as featureless flat terrain in 3d mode. In 2d mode it shows no topographic elevation change when in fact there is in this region. Great idea but nothing more than a gimmick. Let's see this app offered for free until it works as advertised.”
Neat idea, lots of bugs in current version
„I really like the idea of 3D maps coupled with GPS, the developers have a great start. However this version is very buggy, here's what I found while browsing various locations. 1. Very hard to pinch to zoom, map keeps jumping orientation (usually 90 degrees) which becomes really confusing when using 3d mode as the maps spin around wildly when trying to zoom in for a better look at terrain. I found myself constantly hitting the reset orientation button (at least I think that's what it is, no app help text) which gets old real quick. 2. For American users, the three included topo map types only display metric units (meters, no feet). One can use the USGS topo maps but they're not nearly as pretty. 3. Some map data is pretty buggy (example - see the lake at Mt Evans, Colorado splashed up against the mountain). Not the apps fault most likely though. 4. Place labels get rendered distorted and are hard to find in extreme 3d (high mountains). For example try find Mont Aux Sources in the Drakensberg Amphitheater, South Africa. It's a peak on the top of an escarpment - making the label smeared and unreadable. 5. Labels are often upside down, and when you instinctively turn the phone to try read them the landscape rotates with the compass making you loose your place yet again. 6. No landscape mode? See VVS. Would be a massive improvement if the app supported it. Just my 2c after playing with this app for 1/2 hour.”
Don't waste your money
„Doesn't work planing route . Very slow on iPhone 5s”
Death ap
„Tried using on muir snowfield in low visibility. Do not rely on this app.”
„Nice App, but most of the time it gets stuck while downloading a map, maing the app totally useless. Please fix it!”

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Enjoy exploring the great outdoors? If you’re a fan of biking, hiking and running then Maps 3D is the ideal app designed for planning your outdoor adventures. Whereas other mapping apps are primarily designed for cities and roads, displaying hills and mountains as flat and lifeless features, Maps 3D is packed with amazing features that brings the great outdoors to vibrant life with valleys, hills, mountains and footpaths displaying in full 3D so you’ll know your exact elevation.

*** Featured by Apple with a main banner in the US App Store Navigation category! (02/2013)
*** 3rd place at the '2013 Best App Ever Awards' by in 'Best Outdoors Apps'
*** Over 1,600,000 global users!
*** TOP 1 App in Navigation in 75+ countries (as of 11/2015)

*** "The functions are helpful; the compilation of 3D maps is impressive." – Score: 1.8
*** "An app recommended for hikers, cyclists and horse enthusiasts..." iPhone & iPad apps in Test Magazine, issue 3/2011 – Score: 8/10


With Maps 3D you’ll have the option to plan, record and share your routes, turning your iPhone into a fully-fledged GPS device so you can log key coordinates and elevations. You’ll also have offline access to worldwide 3D map data which limits the drain on the battery and means that you can pre-load maps to store when you don’t have a signal.


As an added bonus Maps 3D offers 3D terrain and trip planning, so you’ll never need to worry about getting lost. Towns, streets, mountain peaks and lakes are all searchable, with an accurate and precise map display based on NASA scans of the Earth’s surface combined with the outdoor map OSM (Open Street Map) and the Official USGS topo maps.


GPX-tracks can be imported via iTunes, EveryTrail, email, URL or Dropbox, and recorded tracks can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter, great for showing your friends your latest outdoor accomplishments.


+++ Load maps in advance over WIFI or 3G before your trek, no internet connection needed thereafter
+++ Record your routes by GPS, all coordinates and exact elevations are logged
+++ Plan and evaluate routes directly in the 3D map view
+++ Search for towns, streets , mountain peaks, lakes - offline
+++ Distance traveled, current and average speeds all displayed for an ideal trek


Background GPS recording can significantly cut battery life

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Maps 3D PRO - GPS for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor