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Developer: Ninjafish Studios
Size: 48MB
Last update: 14.12.2016

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Family


Pro (18%)
Mommy new baby
„I wonder what it's like when u buy the full version cause I want to”
Ok by JTTsoccer20
„Well I got to level 3 but to get to level 4 I have to buy something πŸ˜₯but at least you could get to level 3 😊I gave it three stars because I got to level three haha.😸😸😸”
Pros & Cons
„Pros- Cute baby, nice details, free app, not boring Cons- Can't get all tools( the free videos don't work sometimes), have to pay for full version”
Best game ever!!!!!!!!
„I love it and since I am 8 I love these kinds of games.”
„Could be better !!!!! Fix the problems !!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Mommy babby
„I love this game! It is so fun!”
„It's great”
Not awful
„The game is not bad but they charge way to much to buy things! They take out the blocks one the first level and then make some sort of way to unlock the other levels without paying anything! But on any other part the game very entertaining!”
„This game is fun but I wish that you could get all of the levels because you barely get to play the game unless you have all the levels which stinks”
Contra (82%)
Horrible, terrible game! Never should have been invented!😠😑😀
„This game is a HORRIBLE GAME! I paid a lot of money to get the full version but it was as terrible as the first one. Never ever buy it! It was very disappointing. Never should have been invented!😭”
Worst Game
„This is one of the worst games in existence. Do NOT download this game!!!!”
I hate you
„I can't believe you”
Rip off
„Why. Why did they come up with this app. It was such a rip off I wish I would have not used up data with this app!!! I canny not even get pass level on or two!! 😑😑😑😀😀😀😑😀😑😑😀😑😀😑😀”
„Don't get you can only get half way through and it wants you to pay”
„I spent $6.00 for the full version of this game. My granddaughter 4yrs. old took all,of 5 minutes to get thru the 8 micro games. I will Never buy from this company again! What a rip off!”
„So it was pretty good, until I got to level four then I have to buy the rest of the levels. I don't like that, so let me tell ya, I really wanted to buy this but it's bad to me. So thank you for listening to a seven year old, bye!πŸ™”
„The game looks really cool but when I downloaded it, I got disappointed because you have to pay for certain things and if you try to get it free by watching a video you can't watch the video! πŸ˜• I bet this game would be really fun! πŸ‘Ž”
„This stupid game takes forever to load I haven't even got a chance to play it yet!”
„This is terrible I think it is kind of a weird game and they charge you for a level It is bad”

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Mommy is pregnant and she needs help caring for herself and the newborn baby on the journey from pregnancy to motherhood. Featuring 8 interactive activities to complete on your journey. Give checkups, change diapers, give the baby a bath and much more!!

*Please note that Mommy's New Baby is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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