Ping Pong 3D HD

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Developer: Subhendu Behera
Size: 64MB
Last update: 15.02.2017

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Games, Entertainment


Pro (100%)
Totally addicting..
„Play it over and over..”
Very good one-player pong game
„I like this one-player pong game a lot. The controls are nice and responsive with good directional control of the ball, the AI is challenging on all 3 difficulty levels, the graphics are beautiful HD with smooth fluid framerate, sound effects are nice, and you can play your own iPod music. There are 5 tables, I'd like to see more added, but the 5 that are included are all very nice. The 3D look works good too, as the ball becomes smaller and bigger as it moves in and away from you. Overall, I think this is one of the best pong games on the app store, I find the gameplay very relaxing yet also a challenge. Recommended.”

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Play the ultimate classic game in amazing 3d graphics.
Play through 4 unique levels with 3 difficulty settings.

Use your finger or accelerometer to control your bat and defeat the opponent.

4 unique levels including Arctic, Space, Machine, Egyptian and a hidden level.

SCORE MODE: You will get 1 point for each time you hit the ball. The game is over if you miss once. You will get 10 points if the AI misses the ball and the ball will start from the center automatically.

VS. MODE: You play against the CPU. The player gets 1 point if the opponent misses the ball. You can choose the point match number and difficulty in settings.

● 4 unique levels.
● One hidden level, try to find it.
● 3 difficulty settings.
● Game Center support.

iPad & iPhone

Ping Pong 3D HD