Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards

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Developer: CFC s.r.o.
Size: 58MB
Last update: 5.01.2017

Compatible with: iOS
Categories: Education, Educational


Pro (42%)
Pay and not working
„My kid love the app. However once i purchased the all apps pack it stopped working. Has restarted, deleted and downloaded again, but nothing works. Would like to have my money back or the app working properly. Txs”
Love the app. Paid $2.99 to unlock all in app purchases and not working on phone.
„Love the app, but I paid $2.99 to unlock all in app purchases on our used-less phone and I cannot get the paid for features on my main phone that has the exact same Itunes account connected. I would not have paid to unlock it if I would have known this as all other apps I have pid for always allow access on my other phones. The app itself is very educational and made well, but I would like my money refunded or the purchase applied to my other connected accounts as usual. Thanks.”
Higher order thinking- love it !
„This app is so fun for my daughter and I love that it's educational as well! What I love about this app there really is higher order thinking with the games with reading. I love the constant encouragement for her as well !”
Great app!
„I teach kindergarten and my students love this app! Great way to help reinforce the sight words they are learning!”
So educational every child should have this game
„I absolutely love it”
„How do you unlock the different games?”
Good but could be better
„I really like this app for teaching my son, after a year with a poor teacher my son had actually gone backwards! Over the summer using predominantly this app we have caught him up and got him ahead. However I wish you could go through the flash cards out of sequence, sort the flash cards into "knows" and "doesn't know" and also on the spelling game a way of not first showing the word would also be good (audio only).”
Amazing app for sight words
„This is a great app. I love that you can adjust the difficulty of words (pre-k through first grade) and select what type of words you want to work on as well (nouns, verbs, etc.). Fun and engaging graphics as well as fun sounds and clear speech help make this app top notch.”
Amazing Tool For Leaening
„Sight words learning games & flashcards is a stunning, educational app that makes it easy for kids to learn and quickly recognize the most frequent sight words. There is a plentitude of games to play, which provides a welcome variety of activities that will engage children. Moreover, the graphics really capture the child’s attention and keep her or him interested — at least it does it for my 4-year-old daughter who totally loooves the gears game. I’m very happy to have found this app because it used to be so difficult to get my daughter practice recognizing the words otherwise. I also appreciate that in the settings, a parent can choose which words will appear in the app. In sum, my daughter absolutely loves playing this game on my iPad, and I love the education she's receiving & skills she's developing with it. Thank you for this GREAT app!!”
Contra (58%)
Wish I Could get my money back!
„This is NOT for teaching words it might be a good practice for kids who already know sight words. Wish I would have researched more before I purchased. At the preschool level this app presents a list of words in all caps. It says the name of the word and expects the child to figure out which word to pick. It doesn't attempt to "teach" a word before putting it in the lineup and offers no contextual clues whatsoever. Presenting words in all caps is problematic for emerging readers as books are printed mostly in lowercase.”
Just no....
„This app makes no sense unless your child already knows all their sight words. My daughter is 5 and doesn't yet recognize a lot of words. This game is supposed to teach kids sight words. But the app simply says the word out loud and expects them to be able to place the right word where it belongs. If they don't already know/recognize the words, how are they supposed to do that?? Makes no sense. I'm so glad I didn't buy the full version before letting my daughter test it out.”
„My daughter has been using this apps for a few months now, working from one group of words to the next. With the latest update they have decided to change the the grouping of words around. Now the pre-k list has no words over 3 letters moving all others to a different group. My daughter has already learned pre-k and grade k. Now if I were to continue with this app which I won't we would have to start all over as they have added new words to pre-k and grade k that are not recognized for those levels. Sight words are standardized for a reason. If you want to have an option of only having 3 letter words in pre-k that's fine but don't change the lists completely. This app is making it to hard to teach my daughter sight words and it's a shame because it was an excellent app before this update and we used no other.”
Hate it
„Looks fun but u half to stArt in kindergarden and go to the stuff that is acculy hard:( its so suckish”
Sound doesn't work
„Very glad I didn't pay to upgrade! The sound on this app doesn't work, not sure why, but others have had problems too. It does work on an iPad 1 with 64gig, but it doesn't work on my daughters iPad 1 wifi only with 16 gig. Very annoying. This app is useless without sound! All settings are correct and it is not muted, it just doesn't seem to work on this original iPad! Please fix!”
One two too many...
„The word machine says "to," my daughter picks "to," word machine says "wrong, try again." The correct answer, it turns out, is "two."”
All Capital letters? No!!! Please update w lower case
„This would be a great app if it wasn't in all caps. Sight words are supposed to be high frequency words that don't necessarily follow phonics words. When do you see words in all caps? When "yelling" during texting. :). Please update this game to be in all lower case letters. Maybe with an occasional capitalized First letter. With the update I would give it 5 stars!!! Easy to navigate and cute graphics. Just remember , students/children write/read with mostly lower case letters except for beginnings of sentences and proper nouns.”
I don't get why everyone thinks its so great.
„As the mom of a kindergartener and preschooler I was disappointed with this app. We were playing the pre-k and it was so difficult tht even my kindergartener was not interested in playing it. The gears game which my daughter loves on a learn the clock game was no intuitive. I had to read the directions in order to tell her how to play. I think this game would be better if it started teaching sight words instead of expecting them to know them to play. I feel like this is more a test of kids knowledge of sight words instead of a fun way to learn them.”
Not good
„Words too hard for preschool, instructions not clear, and gets rid of "stickers" for no reason. Weird.”
Not worth ordering
„I was really hoping for more. It is the big tease.”

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***** Developed in cooperation with educational specialists by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills and reading program Phonics: Fun on Farm, to best prepare your children for success in kindergarten and school curriculum.

* Entirety of 220 SIGHT WORDS from the popular Dolch list (with extra 94 NOUNS!)*

* Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Categories *

* 6 engaging EDUCATIONAL GAMES! *


* "Action Sight Words is an extra-fun "Extra-terrestrial" way to help children learn challenging sight words."

* "As a mother of a 1st Grader and a Pre-Schooler, I was quite impressed with this app."


* "an awesome level of interactivity"

* "hits the mark on being both educational, and entertaining for kids"

* "A colorful and quirky mechanical, industrial theme that children will definitely like. A great tool for teaching and allowing your children learn all about sight words"

"Provides ample opportunities to learn all 220 Dolch words through a series of six games and activities. The interface is simple and easy to navigate and overall the look is appealing."

Jill Goodman,

Abby Sight Words with Wordaliens is a new EDUCATIONAL READING APPLICATION by 22learn. The app is designed to help children learn and practice reading the most common sight words.

Sight words are words in English language that do not have a simple one-to-one correspondence between sounds and written letters, and therefore have to be learned “by sight. ”

Being able to quickly recognize sight words is a crucial part of learning how to read. Sight words mastery is a necessary step towards an enormous reading improvement.

Sight Words offers children an easy-to-use interface and a grand choice of six fun educational games through which children can acquire mastery over this subject matter.

The 6 GAMES included are:

Control the Word Machine. Supply all the words that need to be produced by tapping on the words called.

Your dog is hungry! Make cans to feed him! To make a can, drag the letter cards to their correct place and make a word you have just heard pronounced.

Make a Bingo to get a ticket for Aliens back home! Tap on the word corresponding to the one that you heard pronounced. Once you have matched cards from one side of the board to the next... Bingo! Aliens are back home!

Match the sounds to correct word forms! To do so, tap on one of the speakers, hear the word, and then select one of the cards below with a correct word. Do it for all words!

Tap on one of the speakers on the screen, hear the word pronounced, and place the word across the speaker. Repeat for all words to see wonderful gears animation.

Practice in the Flash Card mode. List through the words and top on the cards to hear the words pronounced again and again!

Additional Features Include:

- Selection of individual words to be practiced within each category
- Avatar selection
- Choice of capitalized words and upper-case or lower-case letters
- Access to best scores

Get this app now and enjoy the progress your children are going to make in their reading skills.

22learn, your trusted educational apps developer

iPad & iPhone

Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards