The Purple Frog

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Pro (63%)
Very good👍
„Very good storyline and message for the little ones. Artwork is great and the narrators voice is soothing. It's overall a relaxing experience to have the book read for u by the guy :)”
Purple Frog
„This is a charming story about differences, acceptance and friendship. I love that it uses simple words for the beginning reader and it doesn't have all the distractions as the interactive stories do. I wish there were more apps out there like this one!”
Love it!
„Beautiful book that is short enough to keep the attention of a toddler, yet teach a lesson too. Excellent!!”
Beautiful artwork!
„My 3yr old nephew loved the story, simple enough to keep his attention. He also kept looking at every page's drawing and "reading" what happened next. His 6 yr old brother read along with us and liked the pictures, but said the story was for babies :) Be aware this is more an ebook than an app, does not include games, but worth it anyway for the artwork and story.”
„Super artwork!! I have a frog theme in my classroom so this will be a perfect story to share. As for the people complaining about the "cars and tracks" did you look at the pictures? That is all that is pictured, cars and tracks. There are not any trucks. Keep up the good work!”
Needs QA
„Punctuation and grammatical errors. Cars and tracks sounds weird; no one plays with tracks anymore.”
Wow!!! Top notch quality
„I can't believe the quality of this book. My little boy has loved the purple frog from 3 to 11 months and I really want to thank the creator for the top notch effort. Purple frog has bright pictures, crisp music, subtle ambience and hey guess what no glitches ever on my ipad 4. I've purchased about 60 dollars worth of Disney and the dr. Seuss books. They are boring and long with poor narration, not to mention my son doesn't care about them at all. When purple frog comes on it is a treat. My son lights up and is 100% engaged in the story. The learning features this book provides should be mentioned as well. You can touch the words and individual letters to help your child learn to read and for me (a home schooling parent) That is priceless.Oh and the narrator has a wonderful kids book voice and very expressive reading techniques. Parents! this is where you start. Buy this before the Disney stories you like because this app was made to educate and engage your child's creative side not a book put into a digital format. To the creator, Please invest time in other books if at all possible and if you are a small operation open a donation link. I have wasted money on app books for my son so many times I would love to see more content of this caliber. Thank you!”
Great story
„Great story”
Wonderful story
„My 2 year old loves this app. We want more PLEASE.”
Purple frog great story
„My girls and I love the story. I like how it is to the point about differences being okay. Pictures were cute. My 6 year old daughters love the story and my 3 yr old daughter loves it too and can activate story by herself.”
Contra (37%)
Not interactive
„There is nothing for a child to interact with. Kiddo touches all over the screen and nothing happens except for a page turn. This is an ebook, not an interactive book.”
Cute, but overpriced
„Got the book for my 4 yr old grandson. While he liked the story, he even commented on how short it was. Good illustrations, but there are better choices.”
Had to delete
„The artwork was beautiful, but the grammatical errors ruined this app for me. Also, it DOES NOT teach punctuation, as advertised.”
NO animation
„Very boring book. Not interesting story and no animation whatsoever. Not interactive at all.”
Nice try
„Nice idea, some nice artwork, but the last pages say "cars and tracks" instead of cars and trucks.....”

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-- NEW: Tap Words To Spell Letter-By-Letter --
PURPLE FROG is an interactive children's book with original artwork and voice narration that will draw kids into a magical world while teaching them to read, speak and spell properly.


• PURPLE FROG is a fable of acceptance and friendship that engages young readers.

• Beautiful hand-drawn artwork gives every frame depth and character.

• Professional voice narration and sound effects bring the story to life!

• See your child’s eyes light up as they tap on various elements to learn the spelling and pronunciation of words.

• Enjoy having the story read to you or read the story yourself. Perfect for every level of reader!

Give your child the gift of reading and share the unforgettable story of the PURPLE FROG with them today!

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The Purple Frog

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