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Hung Stud Flea
„Super Great App and service”
Love It
„Quick, easy, safe...what more do you need.”
Just needs check image viewing
„Just needs check image viewing”
Touch ID
„Would love to see Touch ID added for logging in. Other than that love ...”
So great
„This app is awesome. Works wonders for paying bills between roommates!”
Best bank
„I been using Capital One Bank for over 7 years and my experience is great...”
Great app
„Good Stuff, makes it simple and fast!!”
Conviently Fast
„I live in a rural area, so trips to the bank require effort. I appreciate the mobile ...”
Works great for me.
„Mobile check deposits always work for me. I haven't had any issues with t...”
Good app
„Few things first included touch access to your mobile app. Next have more opti...”
Good app
„So far I have no complaints about this app. But reading other people's ra...”
Love it
„I'm so much more organized with Mint”
Great App
„This app is a great timesaver. You are able to manage all of your finances fro...”
Please include Closing Date
„This app is good but would be great if you can see the current cycle closi...”
Best App for banking
„I am not sure why reviews are so low for this app I have not seen any app like this ...”
„Why pay a monthly charge when you can get this for free!”
Good for newbies to investing
„This is a great app for people who have never invested before and want t...”
„The psychology of turning something that feels like a loss (can't buy X because ...”
CapitalOne "What's In Your Wallet"
„Clean/Clear/Precise... The best Credit Mobile App out there! I'm lovin...”
Excellent app
„App is very helpful with daily card use. Shows you up to the minute transa...”
Better than expected! Excellent!
„The amount of features they allow you to access via the app is really excellent....”
Great app!
„Looks great, it's quick and easy to pay off balances and redeem rewards!”
„Does the best job if splitting checks and keeping track of what you owe...”
„Such an awesome and easy app to use. Makes splitting a bill at a resta...”
Check photos need dark background
„The reviews here are disheartening. Nevertheless, I live in a state with no Citibank...”
Good App!
„Citi Mobile App is good and can perform most functions. I would give it 5 stars...”
„I using this app few years, from very beginning. Have no problems at al...”
Would rather use app than website.
„Super easy to use!! Everything right at your fingertips.”
Yahoo finance
„Excellent! The Portfolio feature is the best,”
All the Details at one page
„Yahoo mobile stock page is full of all relevant information. Please add a link ...”
Good but errors
„It keeps getting a black screen when I click use drivers license pls fix.😰”
Seriously love this app.
„I personally use it as a weekly allowance manager and it's fantastic. I put money on it...”
iPhone 6/+ display optimization
„Yes!!! Touch ID!!! Now that native display resolution is fixed for 6/6+ and T...”
Now with Touch ID
„Now that Touch ID is implemented this app does everything I want and need it to...”
„This is an amazing app, hope other people will use this too! Nice clean interfa...”
Great App but....
„Hello. I love this App. I think it is a very good and creative of dealing with e...”
Can't use old iPad.
„Not happy that it is not compatible with older iPads but if you have a new one the ...”
„About as good as you can get for a banking app. Very easy and conveni...”