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„Can't say enough great things about this app. Highly recommend”
„I love it!! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 great for first time moms!!”
My Personal Favorite
„So I run with FIVE running apps at once. Polar's, Nike's, Runkeeper, Strata, and this one...”
Good fitness tracker
„This is a pretty good fitness app. Would be five stars if it would handsh...”
Great App!
„User friendly! Had Period Tracker before and like this app better!”
„This is a very helpful app it helps me track my period👍👏✋👌❤️💎”
„Brilliant minds behind this”
Can't Live Without It
„Very good app for mountain biking! I have tried many apps and this is by f...”
Good app
„Nice format”
Great app for fitness activities
„Not a big runner but this app has been great for tracking my runs and ...”
So far so good
„So far so good”
Awesome App
„I will be sure to send a donation to you! Thank you for making such an...”
I'm impressed!?
„There's something weird about this app. If I set an alarm I keep waking up witho...”
This app is a life saver
„Used to have terrible insomnia and this app helped me gain awareness about habits/patte...”
So far so good
„Enjoying this so far! First 2 weeks are little repetitive, but get solid...”
Read the book!
„The book not only gives you the routines but it also gives you advice on a healthy...”
Great app with more than others
„This is a great app. I've tried two or three others but there wasn't a lot of infor...”
Get it
„I never write reviews, but I've tried several of these things, and this is the best. I...”
Great for counting calories!!!
„Great app if youre looking to count calories and need reference to nutr...”
Great way to really know how much you eat
„Been using for two weeks consistently. Just enter the amount of weight you wa...”
Works great with tracking steps and Apple Watch
„Works great for tracking steps and pairs with Apple Watch and the heal...”
„I really love this app because now I can go on a daily walk with my dogs o...”
Great push-up app
„Fantastic app, voice commands are helpful.”
Great app for busy moms!
„Love this app. It's a super simple way to push myself to workout even with 3 k...”
Very good and easy
„Allows me to easily track my period”
Practical, easy to customize, and not pink
„I had been using another app that made me feel like a teenage girl (and also had severely limited opti...”
Great App
„Perfect app”
Great app
„Great app to have”
App very well, history & list of alternatives missing
„The App is well designed and very useful! But unfortunately two main funct...”
„Super cute and fun! 😎”
Cute and motivational!
„I love my lil plant, but the constant bathroom breaks are a little embar...”
„I've been using this app for months and it's one of the best things I've ever do...”
Totally rules!
Extremely Helpful
„This is by far the most helpful app for predicting periods and finding out when it is most likely going to sta...”
„This is app everything I need. I'm so irregular and this helps me track ...”
Awesome app
„It's helpful app I like it”
The best gym companion you can find!
„Amazing app!!! Perfect as a gym companion!!! Already saw a preview video o...”